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What's happening in the world of #PinePhone and #PinePhonePro development?

I was (and still am) super excited to see a new update. As many cool new things are in there, what I was really hoping for was info on the phones development.

I have published on Github procedure for #Qt 6 cross-compilation using #Mobian for #PinePhone.

I have also written a #Qt6 cross-compilation procedure for #pinephonepro
However, I have not tried it as I do not have it.
If anyone tries with #PinePhonePro, please report back.

@PINE64 @ @mobian @qt

Find out how we ported Apache #NuttX Real-Time Operating System to #PinePhone @PINE64 ... Plus NuttX updates for #PinePhonePro and Star64 #JH7110!

#PinePhonePro @PINE64 now officially supported by Apache #NuttX RTOS! 🎉


I took a few photos with Pinhole running on #Mobian on my #PinePhonePro today - great work everybody!


Using a selection of patches from linux-next, a few ones from the linux-media list, @libcamera 0.0.4 and @rmader patches for libaperture and gnome-camera, I was finally able to get a cat picture out of the @PINE64 #PinePhonePro on @mobian 📷

#MobileLinux #LinuxOnMobile #LinuxMobile #ShotOnPinePhonePro

From this weekend on i'm ditching my android phone as daily driver and switching to the @PINE64 PinePhone Pro #pinephonepro running @gentoo. So expect alot of updates to my overlay and toots about it. As we speak I'm updating the kernel config since the 3 axis accelerator driver was not build and found out I forgot to add totem to the phosh-meta package. Its looking good the phone works fine and google cant track me anymore. #linux #foss #gentoo

#NixOS on the @PINE64 #PinePhonePro .
There are still alot of steps to take, but it will get there.

#sxmo truly has an unprecedented level of customizability. here you see sxmo on my #pinephonepro with the app menu configured to have a button to launch a waydroid session with ui, and another button that fully kills the waydroid session for battery conservation. this takes a task that previously required a bunch of terminal stuff and reduces it to 2 buttons.
This is the true power of Linux mobile.

@PINE64 #Pinephonepro is working incredibly well with the #pinetime, in a couple days I should be able to throw #pinebuds into the mix too, pretty excited to see how the full pine stack works out.

New firmware for your @PINE64 #PinePhone and #PinePhonePro modem, now with (beta) call recording support!

As always, you can get it from #lvfs and GitHub(

Have fun!

October update:
*We'll be at FOSDEM 2023 - come see us
*#Ox64 RISC-V SBC for $8 available in November
*#Star64 runs Linux! available in November
*#PinePhonePro camera & power management updates + keyboard support in 6.1
#QuartzPro64 boots BSP and mainline Linux!
And more!

August Update:
We’re at @kde Akademy
#Star64 a look at our RISC-V SBC
#PinePhonePro nano SIM redesign & software news
#Pinecil V2 authenticity webpage
#PineBuds prototype; FCC/CE next month
#PineTime Watchmate companion app is great
And much more!

Weekly GNU-like #MobileLinux Update (28/2022): New Manjaro betas, #SailfishOS supporting VoLTE and RkVDEC progress

#pinephone #pinephonepro #librem5

April update:
# dev board orders open - $150
# dev board & # are coming
# / # keyboard restock & improved drivers
# 1.9 new watchface & bug fixes
# return with improvements
And much more!

March Update:
# - 16GB RAM/ 64 eMMC; available to devs soon
# kb battery reports % in UI
# now resumes from suspend
# model-B available soon fully supported by @ManjaroLinux

# InfiniSim released
and more!

PSA: The Tow-Boot project ( have just put out their 4th release, officially supporting the @PINE64 # and #:

If you're wondering what EBBR is: Basically, Tow-Boot delivers UEFI on ARM and thus makes work for distributions a lot easier.

New blog post: Easily upgrading the PinePhone (Pro) Modem Firmware
# #

short reminder on how to delete cookies on # with # #:

rm ~/.local/share/KDE/angelfish/QtWebEngine/DefaultProfile/Cookies
rm ~/.local/share/KDE/angelfish/QtWebEngine/DefaultProfile/Cookies-journal

when I once figure out how to create an entry in the sidemenu of angelfish, I will code it into there... but as an artist all this C stuff seems to be so weird...

# received an option for gesture-only (no nav-bar) navigation and it really matters on small screens such as phones. Nice.

# # #

Weekly #LinuxPhones Update (8/2022): #Phosh 0.16.0, #NemoMobile's February Report and adding #Kodi to Megi's multi boot #PinePhone image

Another boring week with just a few releases, I even had to reach for #SteamDeck content to fill this one up. 😉

#Librem5 #PinePhonePro

February Update:

- CNY Over: Production / support return

- #PinePhonePro: more units coming

- #PinePhone chat with modem & flash it via fwupd

- #PineNote: "all hardware works" & @kdecommunity Plasma in grayscale

- #PineTime simulator is awesome

and more!

By using the experimental tow-boot build for the Pinephone Pro on the SPI flash, we found that suspend actually does work on the #pinephonepro . It even wakes up again when pressing the power button!

There's now a graphical installer for #towboot on the #PinephonePro

It works pretty great 😀

PSA: Do *NOT* flash OG #PinePhone OS images to the #PinePhonePro. If you do, however, here are recovery instructions.

PinePhone Pro software releases Wiki page:

Chatty on our image for @PINE64 #PinePhone / #PinePhonePro has been upgraded to 0.6.0 and MMS is now available!

To install run `sudo pacman -Sy mmsd-tng chatty` and then reboot.

You can then go to options and setup MMS, configuration depends on your carrier.

Want your #pinephonepro in January or early February? Today is the last day for pre-CNY orders.

Store link:

Orders placed on January 18th onward ship in late February.

PinePhone Pro now works with the keyboard case, effectively turning the device into a Pinebook Pro mini with a modem! #pinephonepro #pinephoneKeyboard

January Update:

CNY starts Feb 1st; production & shipping stand still
#pinephonepro EE orders open
#pinephone keyboard is available
#PineNote e-paper works (!!!) now available for order without coupon
#pinetime InfiniTime 1.8 release best one yet & more!

Please make sure to read this carefully before ordering a #PinePhonePro:

The #PinePhone Pro is still very much in development, and thus just won't be your daily driver smartphone upon receiving the device.

Read to get an idea.

I don't want to hamper your excitement, but I also don't want to see you start a rant YouTube channel because you're upset due to not reading this properly. The PPP is really cool, but it's not your new "privacy smartphone" at this point.

SQUEEEEEEEEE!!!!! I wasn't expecting the #PinePhonePro availability announcement until the January update on the 15'th! Order placed and looking forward to tinkering with all the broken bits!😆 :annoyingdog:

#PinePhonePro Explorer Edition orders start today at 7:00PM UTC/ 11AM PST. Order yours by January 18th to receive it this month or early February.

Using an EOL #AlpineLinux release no less 😱
Now let's get the same working for the #PinePhone and #PinePhonePro!

The 77th edition of my weekly collection of news about #LinuxPhones (@PINE64 #PinePhone, #PinePhonePro, @purism #Librem5 and such), #LinBits, is out!

The end of the year in Linux Phones, let's have a last LinBits: A new #Maui Shell for phones and tablets, #postmarketOS v21.12, #Mobian on the PinePhone Pro, #GTK 4.6.0, an app-list replacement prototype and more!

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