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Major restock❗️#PineBuds Pro #PinePhone Pro, #Pinebook Pro, #PineTime, #Pinecil V2 and most accessories now available 🥳

#PineTab2 and PinePhone BE2 available next week

Store link:

Welll... if you use alternate offset locations for u-boot, it should be poissible to make a single image that boots both. I did this successfully with the #pinebook and #pinebookpro!

Again we would like to welcome @apple to the world of ARM-based laptops. You're still a few years late to the party, but you're still a VIP. And as always, better late than never. ;)

Make yourself at home, alongside the #Pinebook and #PinebookPro.

It's that time of the month again -- the July 2020 Update Blog is live!

I have said we have too much news to list for several previous entries, but that's especially true today. This is the biggest update we've had yet.

- #PinePhone @postmarketOS Edition preorders live
- OG #Pinebook upgrade kit back on horizon
- #PineTime with @JF firmware upcoming
- Say hello to #Pinecil

is the image able to install a boot loader to a #pinebook? Two months ago it was not.

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