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People of the #fediverse, especially those creating various services, there are alternatives to HCAPTCHA when you ask people to create accounts or login. Despite HCAPTCHA's propaganda, HCAPTCHA is not truly accessible to #blind people. It requires us to give up our privacy if we choose the cookie option. The text alternative doesn't work most times. I just tried to sign up for a /kbin server at and wasted 30 mins on HCAPTCHA.

Please be #inclusive!


I know there's a lot of reading challenges going around, but I wanted to make one of my own centered around how to #DecolonizeYourBookshelf.

I wrote a little blog about the challenge on my site, would love for you to join along! I'm doing it and will share the books I pick for each category!

#reading #bookstodon #AmReading #books #bookcommunity #Indigenous #Diversity #LGBTQ #read #writingcommunity #writing #authors #inclusive

Hi, just showing off how strong my wheelchair and I are. 😜

Photos are from performances with Misiconi. This is a dance company which works with dancers with and without disabilities. You can read more about it and our projects over here:
(There is a yellow translate button in the corner.)
We dance at festivals, conferences and in theaters. Please hire us! 😄 Or :boost_ok:
#wheelchair #WheelchairDancer #disabled #inclusive #InclusiveDance

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