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Excellent public transport video maker RM Transit now has a PeerTube account 🥳 You can follow at the address below.

⚠️ However, be warned that they are currently uploading a massive number of videos so your timeline may get a bit swamped while they do this!

If you're okay with this, the account to follow is:

➡️ @reece

If you just want to browse all the videos without following, you can do so at this link:


#PeerTube #PublicTransport #Urbanism #Transport #Transit

A list of issues I have with Friendica, specifically as a replacement for other Fediverse software

The NYD 24 Global Stream Parade officially kicks off in les than an hour at 0100 UTC.

This will be our thread for announcing upcoming stops on the parade route which can be seen at:

We and the broadcasters will use #NYD24Parade if you want to keep an eye out, or mute for the day. Boost the participants and let's celebrate discovering some of your fedi streaming friends.

#streaming #broadcasting #live #JoinIn #party #antiparty #community #friends #owncast #peertube

Thank you for the fabulous present of looking into #Peertube this year (not being sarcastic, I recall seeing this account mention words to that effect here).

Nextcloud itself is a wonderful gift, and having your videos on a platform that reflects Nextcloud's stated values will be one of the best gifts of the new year!

Happy 2024!

hey, where can we find that #peertube link?

In case you want to avoid Youtube, at least The Linux Experiment, The Linux Cast and Veronica Explains can be found on #PeerTube as well:

So Nextcloud believes:
"#Privacy is a fundamental human right" Only posts videos to #Google's #YouTube.

"building #decentralized alternatives" Only posts videos to a centralized platform.

"We believe in open source" only post Videos to a proprietary platform.

"We value sustainability". Only posts videos to the platform using the most energy.

"users time is important", Only posts to a platform with forced ads.

"fostering diversity/community." Avoids community video networks eg #Peertube.


Looking forward to seeing the #Nextcloud conference videos, and thus the launch video, released at the same time on #Peertube at !

Given it costs you nothing and you're all about #FOSS #privacy focused #decentralization, you *will* be putting the videos up on Peertube, right?


‼️Qué son las instancias dentro del ecosistema de #RedesLibres como #Mastodon, #Pixelfed y #PeerTube y por qué las organizaciones debemos considerar tener una.

Recomendamos el artículo «Construyendo el #fediverso» de @rbonifaz @derechosdigital
👇 👇

@e8johan was wondering about the status of the #peertube instance to host videos for this and who is admin now for uploads. is this instance still a part of our "commons" 😀

We have to help #peertube grow and become a good option for users and creators #fediverse#contentcreator#Youtube


If they used something like #PeerTube that would definitely be possible. Nonetheless, good to see a new public service like this.

@penpot @penpot_app That's great to hear it's on your radar😀

FYI, in case you're unaware, streaming with live chat is also available in the latest releases of #peertube 😀

@lps @penpot @penpot_app

Agree! We're working towards #peertube... Like Oprah says: "You can do everything, you just can't do everything at once!"

i.e Yes, we hear you and completely agree!


So exciting! Please consider mirroring these talks on #peertube as @penpot did with their latest #penpotfest @penpot_app

What better way to promote #decentralized platforms and #foss #floss alternatives, it seems like a perfect fit😀

#penpot #fediFirst #fediverse #activityPub

MakerTube is now open for public registrations! It's a #peertube video instance for makers, musician, artists and DIY content creators. If you thought of trying out a video platform besides big corp now is the time!

Join in or any other instance and let's make peertube a place as great as Mastodon.

Please boost this post! Share your creations! Let's build alternatives that stay!

#peertube #makertube #diy #maker #artists #musicians #contentcreator #synthdiy

A group of over 40 European organisations have recently released a statement calling for the EU to set up a European Public Digital Infrastructure Fund.

They call for this fund to support Digital Public Spaces, that are, among other things, based in FOSS, and ensure privacy by design. The statement gives three examples: #Mastodon, #PeerTube and #ActivityPub, stating that they would benefit from such a fund to further flourish.

Entire statement:

Just checking. Can you play this video (if yes, enjoy the beats and harmonies) or do you get weird errors from #peertube?

For those who didn't know (or have forgotten), there's a PeerTube channel here with videos of the talks and Q&A sessions from the #ActivityPub conference we had in late 2020:

Picking through these videos is a great way to get a sense of where some of us wanted fediverse development to go, both technically and politically.

#videos #PeerTube #ConferenceTalks

Who wants to go look to see what has happened over the last years on this online video experiment #peertube vs #youtube

Am enjoying this bridge, how do I find people on #SSB/bluesky

Any tools that work from AP instances?

Can you guys find any of our videos on our #AP based #peertube from your end


Should be live in an hour or so, it's a long video and #peertube needs to transcode before it can play. Will be here

\ @onepict

Nice video, as it's CC am moving a copy over to a CC #peertube instance which covers these subjects.

SCHWEET! Let me know if you do, I'd love to add you to my #PeerTube roundup blog post

Hey @neauoire,

I was doing a round-up of #PeerTube instances and accounts (viewable here: -- 798KB; I will work on slimming it down 😁 -- nevermind, already did. Got it down to 199KB! ;D ),
and I noticed that you hadn't posted to your PeerTube account in a while.

Have you thought about setting up a youtube -> peertube auto-uploader?


I got tired of forgetting where the #RSS / #Atom #feeds are on various #Fediverse platforms and having to track them down, so I started a list.

Currently covers *deep breath* #Mastodon, #Bookwyrm, #Funkwhale, #GoToSocial, #Lemmy, #Misskey & forks, #Pleroma & forks #PeerTube, #Pixelfed, #Plume, #Snac2, #Takahe, and #WriteFreely


Feel free to let me know what I should add to the list (or any corrections I need to make) in a reply to this post!

@angrytux I’ve never heard of ‘TILvids’… But it’s #OpenSource (it’s based on #PeerTube, apparently), so it’s a start I guess. It doesn’t have the footprint of some of the other Open Source alternatives, though it’s still miles better than using #YouTube.

If you run a #PeerTube instance (or if you can contact your PeerTube admin), please be informed that the #update 4.3.1 released today comes with a #security fix.
Please update!

Six or so years later than your Arcata should have occurred, but better late than but at all.

It's good to see that you're actually posting content here in the #Fediverse and direct links to project sites instead of links to the deprecated, privacy disrespecting, legacy monolithic silos like #Twatter and #InstaSPAM.

Welcome to the Fediverse! 🤘😎🤘

#tallship #FOSS #Privacy #ActivityPub #Mitra #Soapbox #Quanta #Misskey #Friendica #PeerTube #Pixelfed #FunkWhale #Lemmy #rPi


The Ox64 looks utterly insane, for the price. I mean, Zigbee, triple core, neural processing unit, I could go on, and all for $8?! Just nuts!

I wish you'd finally set your #Peertube account to automatically mirror your YouTube channel though. (it's an existing Peertube feature...) Takes 3 minutes. For half a year now the blog posts have said their video is available at a Peertube channel that hasn't updated since April. 🙄

What does Nextcloud believe in?

"decentralized products as alternatives to centralized platforms."

"Open source is the only way for users to trust their devices" videos posted only to a centralized, proprietary platform.

Take 10 minutes to set up Peertube channel with automatic mirroring of your videos, doing all the things you say you believe in.

I love Nextcloud, but the way you communicate is undermining your message.

#Nextcloud #Privacy #FOSS #Peertube

Promoting your video for a distributed, private, self hosted, FOSS app nowhere but a centralized, surveillance company owned, proprietary cloud video platform.

Seems legit.

#Nextgloud #GAFAM #Google #Youtube #FOSS #Peertube

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