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Excellent public transport video maker RM Transit now has a PeerTube account 🥳 You can follow at the address below.

⚠️ However, be warned that they are currently uploading a massive number of videos so your timeline may get a bit swamped while they do this!

If you're okay with this, the account to follow is:

➡️ @reece

If you just want to browse all the videos without following, you can do so at this link:


#PeerTube #PublicTransport #Urbanism #Transport #Transit

Oh my! I've found my new favorite website of all time:

A list of all kinds of uninformed reasons people give for not making it safer and easier to bike, with rebuttals. This is exactly the kind of thing the internet is useful for!

It's available in many languages, and you can help translate it. The content is CC licensed. It's great!

Thanks to the fantastic podcast Bike Talk for letting me know about it!

#bicycle #BikeTooter #biking #urbanism #FactsAndLogic #BikeTalk

#Tokyo had different architects from across the country design its new public toilets. And they’re fabulous.
#architecture #urbanism #city

– We should make cities less car dependent

– But what about disabled people!?!?!

Disabled people:

#FuckCars #Urbanism #BikeFedi

Have you seen this one before? A short history of traffic engineering, via #copenhagenize. Manufactured car dependency takes a lot of forms, including how easy or hard we make it to get from A to B using different modes/methods. This is about vision, space prioritization, design, budgeting, operations/maintenance, etc. A deliberate result of skewed priorities.
#multimodalcities #urbanism #cities #cars #transportation #CarDependency #streets

Sleeping in public too.

"Is this a safe neighbourhood?"

"I dunno but there are people over there taking a nap and no-one's bothering them."


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