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If there is one thing korea is for sure undisputed #1 in the world at, it is clean, well maintained, free and easy to access public toilets

Extortion is the new exit scam. The #1 darknet drug market took all of its users' money days ago. Now its admin Pharoah is demanding that each seller pay a ransom of up to $20k or he will turn their data over to the police.

We'll see how this plays out for him.


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David Bowie’s Legendary 1972 Performance of Starman on Top of the Pops. It was voted the #1 BBC performance of all time and was said to have “invented the 80s” by influencing the likes of U2, The Cure, The Clash, Duran Duran, Depeche Mode, and more.

Who's rocking the charts on Amazon? This girl!

My editor emailed last night to tell me THE GRAMMAR DAILY is both #1 and #2 in the Amazon Hot New Releases section for Grammar Reference because they separate the print book from the ebook.

Because the book contains 13 word-search puzzles, I favor the print version, but the ebook is great too if you don't actually want to do the puzzles and just want the tips.

Thanks for all the support! I hope you love the book. 😀

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A.V. Club ranks the best 50 music videos, from the first video ever played on MTV (Video Killed the Radio Star by The Buggles, featuring composer Hans Zimmer!) to Thriller, Sabotage, Addicted to Love, and deserving #1 Sledgehammer.

This is horrible! And not unlike what has happened in the U.S. Education, Learning, Knowledge should be #1 Priority!!

Learned a LOT about snails today.

Fact #1: snails can't absorb color pigments. If they eat colored paper their feces would also be similarly colored.

Fact #2: some snails have something called a 'love dart', a thing they store in their bodies (in what is referred to as their 'dart sac') that prior to mating they try and shoot into other snails. The other snail doesn't have a thing to receive this dart(it's analogous to being shot by an arrow), nor is it an organ for sperm transfer. Nuts.

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From Rotten Tomatoes, critics pick the best 25 TV shows from the past 25 years. Breaking Bad at #1? Hmm. Newcomer Succession is #5. Also on the list: Atlanta, Fleabag, BoJack Horseman, and The Americans.
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From Rotten Tomatoes, critics pick the best 25 movies from the past 25 years. Mad Max: Fury Road is a surprise at #1. And The Dark Knight at #4? Also on the list: Pan's Labyrinth, Portrait of a Lady on Fire, and Spirited Away.
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Currently trying to get in contact with the person who came #1 to sort their prize or donation of their choice. If that's you (hello aarroz), get in touch!

Every Christopher Nolan movie, ranked by the AV Club. Oppenheimer is a surprise #1. My #1 would be Dunkirk or maybe Inception. But I've always preferred The Dark Knight Rises to The Dark Knight so grain of salt and all that.

Risk #1: LLMs can produce factually incorrect text.

Risk #2: LLMs can produce untrustworthy explanations.

Risk #3: LLMs can persuade and influence, and they can provide unhealthy advice.

Risk #4: LLMs can simulate feelings, personality, and relationships.

Risk #5: LLMs can change their outputs dramatically based on tiny changes in a conversation.

Risk #6: LLMs store your conversations and can use them as training data.

Risk #7: LLMs cannot attribute sources for the text they produce.

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Since US invaded our sovereign country, Hawaii also tops the US in police killings, disproportionately Pacific Islander, and Hawaii is by far #1 most economically unequal. (I worked with homeless/at-risk kids in that tent city in Honolulu).

Hawaii also leads the US in the school-to-prison pipeline - #1 in rounding up children, especially Native Hawaiians. Part of the continued US attempt to destroy us indigenous people and lifeways.

The 100 Greatest Children's Books of All Time (according to 177 experts from 56 different countries), including #1 Where the Wild Things Are and #3 Pippi Longstocking by Astrid Lindgren.
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@Hypolite Petovan
Ok fixed that

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Is this error an issue?

An accessible, high-level explanation of what happens to the human body when you get sick and the #1 thing you can do to boost your immune system to fight disease. (Hint: it's vaccines, one of the best things humans have ever invented.)

For the past two years my first movie of the year has been one set in the new year, so I guess let's keep doing that and see if I can wake myself up with:

#1, or #1044, 2014's "The Purge: Anarchy."
#1 #1044

Idea-plonking thread

A modern interpretation/homage to John Cage's Reunion (a specially prepared chess set with electronics and photoresistors so that it plays ambient experimental music that changes as the pieces are moved and the game progresses), using the game Mancala, Backgammon or Hexapawn

Maybe fun to implement this with something like a text version of Mancala. Iwari (mancala) is one of the games listed in 101 BASIC Computer Games

The ENOSPC problem seems to have resolved itself, but now, new -dev version, and I get

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What I'm listening to today: "live stream #1 … subroom signals", substan

substan posts a lot of chill electronic music on YouTube; I've linked him in this thread before. This is an absolutely lovely two-hour (!) flowing set of chill-beats ambient songs, alternating "music they'd play in a yoga class" and "music to program to" with flavors of acid and dubby clicks-and-cuts floating in and out. Every song in this set individually is a song I'd recommend by itself. Massive

Still amazing that the only thing that knocks the Steam Deck from #1 top seller are these absolutely massive multi-million releases. Shows the staying power of the Deck.

she is reading the world's #1 bestselling horror novel

From Stereogum's Tom Breihan, reviews of every #1 single in the history of Billboard's Hot 100, starting in 1958. He's currently up to mid-2005.

The 100 Best Documentaries of 2022. #1 is Fire of Love, which "chronicles the romantic and tragic story of volcanologists Maurice and Katia Krafft, who died together doing what they loved".

I Made That Bitch Famous

In Donald Trump’s 2011 book Time to Get Tough: Making America #1 Again, the president-to-be made an astonishing claim: Lady Gaga likely owed her international fame to none other than…Donald Trump. “She became a big star and maybe she became a star because I put her on the Miss Universe pageant,” he wrote. “It’s very possible, who knows what would have happened without it, because she caused a sensation.”

The problem goes beyond Trump, of course. Women, especially women of color, are routinely denied credit for their ideas, creativity, genius, and success (not to mention they’re paid less than men for full-time work). So, in honor of Women’s History Month, I’ve put together this woefully incomplete timeline of the lowlights:

Shoot, I found more movies.

Let's start with something just as topical as last year's first one, #1, or #651, 1973's "Soylent Green."

It's the year 2022...
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