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Maybe some believe they are not/more/better than the working class. Either way, they need to wake up to being oppressed & fed satisfying tidbits. Some steps towards destroying class & most other forms of oppression would be end #patriarchalcapitalism develop truly universal (global) #education in order to achieve #equality #justice & #unity.

🟠Solidarity demo for Just Stop Oil and open letter

Today in Helsinki by the 🇬🇧embassy!

🟠Read and sign our open letter - we demand release of JSO prisoners (who got 3yrs and 2yrs 7mths in prison) and express the concern for the new police laws in the UK which severely damage civil liberties.

🟠Please support the peaceful climate protestors, and uphold the right to protest.

#ClimateCrisis #JustStopOil #ukpolitics #democracy #justice #climate

Content warning: Hungry for justice

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