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Empower your school, university or research institution with data sovereignty! 🎓

Learn the power of local data management and how students and faculty can benefit with Nextcloud in our blog.

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In case folks aren't aware, the Internet Archive now has a scholar version with a huge collection of academic work available.

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A screenshot of the Internet Archive Scholar search engine interface

Featured story: "The conservative campaign to harass the libs out of academia has already sent a chill through #Texas’ world-class public universities, making professors and administrators so fearful of setting off the lunatics in charge at the Capitol that they censor themselves—in scholarship or in their communications with students and the public."

From Editor-in-Chief @gabrielarana:

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The quote from below article stopped me dead in my tracks. Reminds me of way too many bio education initiatives I've been naively involved in (if your long-term outreach/education program does not involve professional teachers, it's time to reassess)


Quote from an article: “It is so fundamentally misdirected and so obviously wrong, both in the moral sense and in the rational sense, that it is literally breathtaking,” Molnar said. “This very wealthy, very narrow man can continually, continually torment schoolchildren while all the while pretending that somehow he’s making the world better.”

A neat "book" i came across courtesy of @itsfoss.
"Putting the 'YOU' in CPU" explains how a CPU works, how computers run programs, and the basics of these wonderful devices that have taken over our life, in simple (ish) terms.

For anyone that wants to know HOW computers do what they do, this is a great place to start, and it's free, readable on the website, on GitHub, or as a downloaded PDF.

#itsfoss #book #education #knowledge #CPU #computing

I adore this comic by @elisegravel.

“So, yeah, YOU can be a scientist, too!” #science #art #education

Seven panel comic “Scientists Are People Too” by Elise Gravel.

Panels 1-6 describe that there are many kinds of scientists and they ask questions , make mistakes, need help, do ordinary things & weren’t always the best students.

Panel 7 explains all scientists are curious & like to learn about the world around them. “So, yeah, YOU can be a scientist, too!”

“ the shooting [of a 1st grade teacher] was “a workplace injury” & “hazard of the job.”

What sort of school organisation/state/county can say such rubbish.

Insanity doesn’t begin to describe it.


Latest cartoon: Quackery Quotas

The right's cries for "ideological diversity" sound fair to well-meaning people who believe in good-faith debate as a way to arrive at the truth. But truth is not the goal here; the goal is power.

#education #science #college #university #climatechange


1.  The right hates affirmative action...

Republican in bowtie: Only merit shall prevail!

Except when it comes to themselves.
Republican: America's colleges and universities need more ideological diversity.

2. Yes, their ideas have faced terrible discrimination for too long.

Scientist at desk with poster in background reading "OIL: POWERING THE FUTURE": Other scientists are biased against me just for being a climate skeptic!

3. For decades, their opportunities have been stifled by an unfair system.

Guy walking through college campus as protesters hold up sign saying "Go home Nazi!": It's hard out here for a eugenicist.

4. But their long struggle may finally be over. 
 Older prunish man in armchair: It's obvious that slavery taught people important job skills. Fortunately this oppressed idea has been set free!

Our children deserve to learn about this in school. Instead they’re taught as little as possible so they can serve the Gods of Capitalism.

Maybe some believe they are not/more/better than the working class. Either way, they need to wake up to being oppressed & fed satisfying tidbits. Some steps towards destroying class & most other forms of oppression would be end #patriarchalcapitalism develop truly universal (global) #education in order to achieve #equality #justice & #unity.

Latest cartoon on "contrarian" pundits who pretend to care about freedom of speech.

#media #education #college #speech #fascism #lgbtq #racism


2. Far-right activists meddling in academics, banning history and social science

Contrarian pundit guy - 'Ho hum.'

3. Books about gender, race, or containing the slightest hint of an unclothed human body banned from libraries


4. 'Don't say gay' laws enacted

Pundit filing nails, FILE FILE FILE

5. Elected officials being removed from statehouses for joining constituents in peaceful protest

Pundit sleeping in bed drooling on pillow

6. A conservative professor feels 'silenced' by diversity initiatives

Pundit tapping wildly on laptop keyboard - 'This is an outrage! I shall defend this brave man!'

#Sensors in #Science + #Tinkering 4 #Teachers. My new portable, bluetoothed, gas sensor modules, bringing biology, climate change & Air Quality into under served #school systems. My recent work has been developing #experientiallearning for #environmental #Education in #macedonia supported by UNICEF. Can be popped in a plastic bag & used to track rates of #photosynthesis outside in-situ. With a change of sensors we have used these to monitor airborne particle loads, and noxious gases.
A small daisy plant is housed inside a clear vessel. suspended above the plant is a small red sensor module, drawing gases up across the sensor electronics. Beside the clear enclosure are two bright LED floodlights illuminating the plant. A graph is displayed on a large android tablet. The information has been sent via bluetooth from the sensor module. The graph has three lines, Red, Magenta and dark Blue. The red line represents humidity, this line is very nearly straight and horizontal. The magenta line represents the air temperature in the enclosure, at the start of the line on the left it is flat, but at the time the lights were turned on it begins to rise. At the time the lights were turned off it begins to slowly fall back but does not return to its original level. The dark blue line represents carbon Dioxide levels. The live representing the CO2 levels also starts of level on the left hand side, and begins to fall, a little after the lights have been turned on. At the time the lights are turned off the CO2 levels begin to slowly rise. The screen also shows buttons to connect the APP to the sensor module, and to save the data as well as email the data for further analysis.
A small palm sized red sensor module sits on a desk. The red plastic case is slightly rough indicating it has been 3d printed. Visible on its sides are 2 access ports for usb cables - for charging and connecting to a computer. Visible on the modules conical top is a small opening with a fan enclosed. This draws air into the unit and pushes it over the sensors.

Discover how Meiji University's file-sharing and collaboration experience has been transformed with Nextcloud Hub.

Click to read our latest blog article and learn more.

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In this paper we look at the benefits and drawbacks of peer/self assessment when used by university engineering students. We examine the benefits and drawbacks of this strategy, as well as ways to optimise its use.

#edutoot #education #eduresearch #stem # engineeringeducation @OtwartaNauka @openscience @edutooters
Abstract for a research paper examining peer and self assessment with engineering students. The URL above will bring you to a webpage with an audio version of the paper.

Discover how Meiji University's file-sharing and collaboration experience has been transformed with Nextcloud Hub.

Click to read our latest blog article and learn more.

#nextcloud #opensource #collaboration #education #japan

French universities are organizing a full-day event around Nextcloud Hub in Paris, thanks to ESUP-Portail - a consortium promoting open-source software use in higher education.

#nextcloud #education #opensource #france

[Call for applications] Deadline non-EU coming up: March 7 🔥💻


Master Experimental Publishing (XPUB)

Calling all professionals questioning contradictory LaserDiscs, stenographers parodying binary image boards, nations performing omni-DIY architectures, pirates listening to distributed cybernetics, viruses seeing centralised libraries

Applications deadlines:

March 7, 2023 (non-EU)
May 10, 2023 (EU)

#art #design #publishing #coding #computers #freesoftware #floss #master #education #rotterdam

A JPG file with colorful stickers in the background and the following text displayed on a black background: 

Master Experimental Publishing (XPUB)

Calling all professionals questioning contradictory LaserDiscs, stenographers parodying binary image boards, nations performing omni-DIY architectures, pirates listening to distributed cybernetics, viruses seeing centralised libraries

Applications deadlines:

    March 7, 2023 (non-EU)
    May 10, 2023 (EU)

From @PLOS #ComputationalBiology | An overview of #bioinformatics courses delivered at the academic level in #Italy: Reflections and recommendations from BITS | #Education | Bioinformatics Italian Society (BITS) |

The Lycée Français de la Nouvelle-Orléans is housed in the Ronald E. McNair Building on Carrollton Avenue in New Orleans.
#nola #neworleans #Louisiana #science #education #space #nasa #blackhistorymonth

XPUB (the Experimental Publishing Master in Rotterdam) organizes two open days in February: one online and one in person!

Join us on Monday 6th of February, 2023 for the online open day 🖥️ : we will host two online sessions at 10:00 (UTC+1) and 17:00 (UTC+1). Register by writing to

And/or join us on Saturday 11th of February, 2023 at the XPUB studio 🍵 : we will be around from 10:00 to 15:00. You can find us on the 4th floor in the WdKA/PZI building at Wijnhaven 61, Rotterdam.

#publishing #design #art #computers #research #education #rotterdam #floss #freesoftware #publicdomain

A colorful drawing made with an online tool that mimics Microsoft word. There is a house in the middle with "OPEN XPUB" on the door, and a person inside that says "I HATE COMPUTERS". A flower outside replies with "THAT'S OK!". On the left there is information about the course: EXPERIMENTAL PUBLISHING, (ALWAYS) NEW MASTER @ PZI, NOW WITH 111% EXTRA SPACE, OPEN DAY + HOUSE, 6 + 11 FEB 2023, WIJNHAVEN 61 4th FLOOR 10:00-15:00,

Want to get #university #education #online and almost for #free? I introduce you to #uopeople. You will only pay for application fees ($60) and exam process fees ($120) and even if you unable to pay you will get #scholarship

Sign up today:

#greasepencil in :blender:​ #Blender can now playback your drawing with the natural, recorded speed of your stylus. This makes #opensource #blender3d a powerful tool for annotation #videoproduction, particularly for #education, because you have the full feature set of one of the most powerful 3d suites at your disposal! For example: You could even project your annotations into the real world using camera tracking 😎​😍​

This addition I coded over the last month is now in the source code - so you can try it out with a daily build already.


The word “invasivore” is a portmanteau combining “invasive Species” with the Latin root “devorare” meaning to swallow (as in "herbivore" or “carnivore”). Thus, #invasivore = one who eats invasive species, those organisms that have been introduced around the world and cause massive environmental and economic damages.

Our website serves a buffet of knowledge about #invasivespecies. At the core of our approach are #recipes featuring invasive ingredients, but we also provide species profiles describing notorious invaders, harvesting tips, exposition and commentary on related topics, summaries of relevant #science and #research, and roundups (#InvasionBites!) of the latest #news and other media about invasive species.

We believe that #education and #awareness can decrease the impacts of invasions by controlling existing populations and preventing new introductions.

Great summary & graph that explains the levels of scientific evidence. #education #science
@sociology @psychology @openscience

Coolest of the cool! Certificates and smiles on stage as we wrap up #CoolestProjectsSouthAfrica 2022!
Everyone is a winner 🏅
Thanks and well done, everyone!


#coderdojo #coolestprojects #education #capetown #southafrica #africa #tech #coding

@Raspberry_Pi Foundation.
Group of 7-17 year olds proudly holding up certificates and grinning. The coolest projects south africa logo is behind them a south african flag to the left, and a chromebook with remote participants on a stand to the right. Mentors crouch on the floor in front.

Last year you helped us raise over £30,000 for the #RaspberryPi Foundation during their end-of-year giving campaign.

Those funds helped them give more young people computing opportunities, and we want to make an even bigger impact this year.

You in?..

You can donate any amount, no matter how small. It all adds up. And whether you’re able to donate or not, we’d love it if you shared this post to help us reach more people.

#tech #computer #mastodon #education
Three young people stood in front of a school project wearing blue tee shirts and lanyards round their necks

In this paper I argue that developments in STEM education research can be accelerated through the strategic use of systematic reviews, with a particular focus on #OpenScience practices and associated benefits. DM or email if you experience acces issues.

#edutoot #education #eduresearch @OtwartaNauka @openscience @edutooters
Outlines three factors asscociated with Open Science; Collaboration, Access and Equity. The three factors spiral out from a central circle that is labelled Open Science.

Are you a teacher?

Please share what #FreeSoftware do you use at #school so we can exchange solutions.

For example, at my online course I use for myself and students:

- GNU/Linux
- LibreOffice Writer
- LibreOffice Calc
- LibreOffice Impress
(Open Document Format is mandatory for all)
- Firefox browser
- Jitsi Meet
- Geany
- WordPress
- CryptPad
- F-Droid

If you love #education, please boost.
Jitsi Meet, an online video conferencing teachers should choose instead of Zoom or Google Meet.

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