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I adore this comic by @elisegravel.

“So, yeah, YOU can be a scientist, too!” #science #art #education

Seven panel comic “Scientists Are People Too” by Elise Gravel.

Panels 1-6 describe that there are many kinds of scientists and they ask questions , make mistakes, need help, do ordinary things & weren’t always the best students.

Panel 7 explains all scientists are curious & like to learn about the world around them. “So, yeah, YOU can be a scientist, too!”
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I've always told people not know but wanting to know always made me a better meteorologist.
I love her books, esp The Mushroom Fan Club! 🍄 🍄 🍄
well, there is that ONE guy who exchanged curiosity for narcissism:
I discovered her work a couple years ago when I bought “if found please return to Elise Gravel” for my daughter. I love it and it’s been so inspirational and freeing for Fiona.
Curiosity is the foundation of all worthwhile achievements. Very cool little cartoon strip.
Very cool. Also, scientists will never tell you "This [whatever] is absolute truth" but rather "From what we know thus far..." such and such. Science is in continuous evolution the same way we never stop learning (if we try). No wonder fanatics hate it.
German cooking traditionally focuses a lot on boiling things in water. As a result, there's a German saying that goes something like "They just boil with water everywhere. " Applies to science, too.

Spoiler : everyone is curious too. But society thought it through. Most will wash houses all day or dig potatoes, and few will be awarded to not do any of that.

That's what we have grades and exams for.

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beautiful! I absolutely love it! 😁
Curiosity and sense of wonder, that's what defines a scientist!
PS: I particularly liked the fact that it is a boy the one asking for help with the math to a girl 😊
... but to be a scientist, you have to be WILLING to be wrong, ask for help, admit you don't know everything and that you aren't a genius. You also have to be willing to do the hard work of continuing through til the research is done, not just til you're satisfied or tired of it or got an answer you liked. Not everyone has those qualities or is willing to learn them. Not everyone is, or can be, a scientist.

yup. this is awesome. i was a scientist for more than 20 years, co-author on over 30 publications, published in places like Nat Comms and Cell. three first authorships, Participated on a submission in which a childhood disorder was named for the first time.

and was never able to get into grad school bc my baccalaureate grades were not good enough. (it's not only when we were 'young' ;)

one day it dawned on me, Hey, if scientists can admit they’re wrong, I can too.
pure scientist propaganda. Everyone knows you can ONLY be a scientist when you have purchased a lab coat.
That pretty describes engineers too .
I'm not keen on plate 4 but can't articulate why very well. Otherwise, it hits the nail on the head.
Curiosity is a prerequisite, and I'd say that a large part of formal scientific training is knowing how to find out (how to choose reliable sources & conduct experiments) and have confidence in the answers you find (reproducibility, minimizing bias, etc).
This can set quite a dangerous president that would question scientists more often leading to people being more open to belief like flatearths. Remembering that becoming a scientist takes a lot of work to produce a work for science makes people strive to become better. Being contempt with oneself is surrendering and by attitude is the worst which can lead to suicide.
That' why they shouldn't be believed slavishly every time. (Oppenheimer thought it would be OK to drop the bomb on Hiroshima - then nobody would ever use it again!)
I like that comic. I'm a scientist and everything is true for me. 🙂
wow. I am directly gonna make some mistakes on purpose to see curiously what happens.


It’s actually a fascinating intersection between cultural representations of “scientists”, “geniuses”, social expectations and awareness vs self doubt in the context of fathoming oneself in either of the first two categories. No matter who the person is, science is always the first route if you’ve at all got enough awareness to value the growth of awareness in the first place. Unless someone is misrepresenting science, every other choice equals less self-awareness. 🌎❤️🦹‍♂️

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