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#Bacteria: The Tiny Giants

3-part #BBC #radio series narrated by #TimHayward and featuring a dozen or so #microbiologists, including (among others) #LauraHug, #PaulTurner, #ValeriaSouza and yours truly (discussing the #LTEE).

Today marks the day I learnt that you can hear meteors, which explains why amateur radio and #radio astronomy communities united to create what's called GB3MBA: Meteor Beacon for #Astronomy.


some notes and numbers:
-yall be tuning in for various midweek reasons. awesome!
-the next post you see from us will probably be a rather big announcement
-if the planets align technically you could listen to RFF for almost a day and a half straight and not hear the same song
-we are getting quite close to 200 contributing artists milestone. such wow!

keep telling listeners and artists about your fedi #community #radio

listen, submit, contribute:


To our friends in South Carolina: the Aiken Radio Club is hosting a presentation about using #RaspberryPi in the context of ham #radio at the Aiken County Public Library tomorrow evening:

And to our friends NOT in South Carolina, find out if you have an event happening near you:


9 pm! saturday!!! broadcasting from seattle!!!!! 🕘

it's time for the KEXP punk show, sonic reducer!!!!!!!!!! 🎵

KEXP is non-profit listener-powered radio 📻

if you're near seattle you can listen on a real radio at 90.3 FM 👂

or from anywhere online here 🎧

and the playlist is at 📝

it goes on for three hours, from 9 pm til midnight 🎶

happy listening! 😁

#KEXP #seattle #radio #NowPlaying #punk #SonicReducer #️⃣

Today we have added 4 new artists, a few station IDs and some station jingles proper classic radio style.

Keep music submissions and consents to play coming in. And get in touch if you want to submit voice reads or writings for theNews.

Keep finding new sounds, friends, and collaborators to share and support!

ALL contributors are listed as are ways to listen and various ways to contribute:

this is YOUR 24/7 fedi community radio

#radioFreeFedi #community #radio

#introduction radio free fedi is a small web, consent driven, artist populated, non-commercial, attribution promoting, community radio

we are now ready to accept more submissions, and are here to promote sound and music artists, their support links, desired license and fedi presence if they wish in an eclectic and fun radio format

24/7 music from the fedi with "theNews" at the top of each hour

keep fedi weird

#radio #community #fedimusic #fediart #music #art


Sarah Washington & Knut Aufermann here - we are radio artists.

In short, #radio #art is radio by artists.

We like listening to and making radio, mainly of the broadcast variety.

Our radiophonic home is #ResonanceFM in London which we co-founded. Since 2005 we are Mobile Radio and broadcast from interresting spaces around the world.

Recently we directed a 100-day temporary radio art FM station as part of the European Capital of Culture in Luxembourg:

Progress on my portable/offgrid #radio kit. #Yaesu FT-857D with #Armoloq pack frame, #Digirig for digital modes, and soon a 10ah LiFePo4 battery. Probably will use an old ThinkPad X230 for the computer side of things… maybe. Not the best power efficiency. Still need to decide on a bag, maybe PRC 117G pouch (molle ftw). Not to mention solar panels and a charge controller. Still considering options there as I of course want to support multiple loads (such as lights, computer charging, etc.)

Any #gnuradio experts here in the #fediverse?

I've done so little with this recently outside of listening to FM radio. 🤣

Still, it'd be cool to connect with others interested in SDRs and #radio #hacking.


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