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So awhile back, I read a very sobering article in the New Yorker about #euthanasia in #Belgium, until I came upon this exchange between the author and the interview she was conducting with a doctor-- which struck me as hilarious in a Woody Allen-esque, sort-of-way:

Author: I mentioned that it appeared that a lot of people in Belgium were less afraid of death than I was.
Dr: Vermeersch looked at me as if he were recalculating my age downward.
“How can you be afraid of nothing?” he said. “Nothing can do you no harm.”
Author: “I’m afraid of not existing.”
Dr: Vermeersch: “Millions and billions of years you did not exist—what was the problem?”
Author: “But now I’ve formed relationships,” I said.
Dr: Vermeersch:“After death, your relationships are finished,” he said brightly. “You are in the state you were before conception.”


#life #death #humour #existentialism #philosophy #Spinoza #WoodyAllen #angst

"Le monde est un livre, et ceux qui ne voyagent pas, n'en lisent qu'une page."
Saw this sign in a hotel lobby in Bordeaux, France and liked the #philosophy of it so much that I had one made when I got home, and hung it in my foyer entrance:

photo: ©appaloosa, 2017

#France #travel #photography

#introduction Hello! I am a #sysadmin for #linux systems and interested in #privacy #federation and #horizontalism (in an organizational/political sense). With a sprinkle of #psychology and #philosophy thrown in.

I am an #OSR gamer and run one #OSRIC based game in meatspace and one #1e #PbP.

My actual system is base OSRIC with some "secret sauce" OSR bits thrown in. Rounding out with a sprinkle of #Dragonsfoot Footprints articles and my own houserules wiki.