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I need the help of #mastodon #philosophers.

Why the f*** would #Putin try to coopt the legacy of Immanuel #Kant?

It's probably not a serious question. Maybe it's just a silly immature dunk on #Germany / #German pride. Or maybe there's something darker in Kant's writings that #Russia thinks supports recent #Russian behavior (I have no reason to believe there is, I'm just openly musing).

Either way it's certainly a bizarre new front in the conflict: #philosophy war.

Did you know that #Germans have a LOT of #superstitions about #bread?

In the olden days, when bread was baked at home, bad luck would seep into the bread when one cursed while baking.

And if the loaf would be placed over the table's edge, sickness would soon enter the house.

A loaf placed upside down would sway, because the poor souls would try to turn it, & if the head of the house cut the bread crookedly, then he had just lied...

#mythology #tradition #Germany

All older games being sold in Germany on Steam now require a content rating

#Steam #Germany #PCGaming

The same lies here in #Germany. No windmills back in the 70ies, when I started with #birding as hobby. Three breeding pairs of #WhiteTailedEagle in the state of #SchleswigHolstein, where I lived. Now more than 120 pairs. The same with other large birds, #Osprey, #RedKite, #BlackKite, #Spoonbill, #WhiteStork, #GreyHeron well increasing. #GreatEgret and #LittleEgret as new breeding species. The same tendency in #Denmark. Lots of large windmills now, great birds increasing.

I'm kinda pissed that @frameworkcomputer doesn't offer it around the globe where they already have logistics - i.e. #EU & #Germany...

Germany raids far-right group over plot to install prince in coup

Germany on Wednesday detained 25 members and supporters of a far-right group that the prosecutor's office said was preparing a violent overthrow of the state to install as national leader a prince who had sought support from Russia.

Prosecutors said the group was inspired by the deep state conspiracy theories of Germany's Reichsbuerger and QAnon, whose advocates were among those arrested after the storming of the U.S. Capitol in January 2021.

Members of the Reichsbuerger (Citizens of the Reich) do not recognise modern-day Germany as a legitimate state. Some of them are devoted to the German empire under monarchy, while some are adherents of Nazi ideas and others believe Germany is under military occupation.
Reuters Report On the Raid & Arrests

#Germany #FarRightConspiracy #Reichsbuerger #CitizensOfTheReich #Nazis #QAnon #Monarchists #Russia

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