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"And when we do things that improve equity for the people who have it the worst, we are improving equity across the board." — S. J. Ralston, Mars research scientist, advocates for transgender and nonbinary people in the workplace. #PrideMonth

Some of the #publishers fighting #BookBans and celebrating #PrideMonth are also suing the @internetarchive. "If anything, Pride Month should be the moment in which publishers join librarians in their efforts to make as much knowledge as available as possible to as many people as possible. #OpenAccess is thus an essential tool in the fight for #LGBTQIA+ rights and minority rights in general."


There’s space for everyone this #PrideMonth, and we’re celebrating the LGBTQI+ employees who help us reach for the stars, examine humanity’s place in the universe, and study our home planet:

here's my pissed off pride month video for this year

but be warned: it gets pretty heavy


#pridemonth #pride #pride2023

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