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**Where are the universities in the Fediverse?**

Why don't universities have their own Mastodon instances yet?

Why don't students get a Mastodon handle when they enrol?

Why don't universities host lecture videos on PeerTube in the Fediverse?

There is a lot to be said for universities getting more involved in the Fediverse.

A call that can only be supported! #boost

#fediverse #university @leonido

**Wo bleiben die Universitäten im Fediverse?**

Warum betreiben Universitäten nicht schon längst eigene Mastodon-Instanzen?

Warum bekommen Studierende nicht mit der Immatrikulation auch einen Mastodon-Handle?

Warum hosten Universitäten Vorlesungsvideos nicht über PeerTube im Fediverse?

Es gibt einiges, das für ein stärkeres Engagement von Universitäten im Fediverse spricht.

Ein Aufruf den man nur unterstützen kann! #boost
#fediverse #university @leonido

PSA: Google has now begun to roll-out the Ad Topics "feature" onto Android itself. It's not just in Chrome you have to disable the settings. Please #Boost to spread awareness.

If you didn't get the pop-up screen on your Android device (it'll look like the first two screenshots), to opt-out of these settings:

  1. Go to your device Settings
  2. Press on "Google"
  3. Press on "Ads"
    • While you're here, press on the "Delete Advertising ID" button and delete it

  4. Press on "Ad Privacy"
  5. Review: "Ad Topics", "App-suggested ads", and "App Measurement". Make sure they are all labelled as "OFF". (This page will look like the third screenshot.)

If you don't see "Ad Privacy" in Step 4 then it means that it hasn't been rolled out to you yet. You might need to wait and check back in a couple of days to see if/when it has been implemented to disable these settings.

EDIT: There's another setting to review. In step 2, scroll to "Personalize using shared data". Turn everything off.

#Android #Google #Privacy #AdTopics

A screenshot of the Ad Topics "feature" that Google is now pushing out to Android phones. The following is what it says (there are two screenshots, this is 1 of 2):

New ads privacy features now available

Android now offers new privacy features that give you more choice over the ads you see.

Android notes topics of interest based on apps you've used recently. Also, apps you use can determine what you like. Later, apps can ask for this information to show you personalized ads. You can choose which topics and apps are used to show you ads.

To measure the performance of an ad, limited types of data are shared between apps. A screenshot of the Ad Privacy page where the options "Ad topics", "App-suggested ads", and "Ad measurement", are labelled "OFF".
A screenshot of the Ad Topics "feature" that Google is now pushing out to Android phones. The following is what it says (there are two screenshots, this is 2 of 2):

More about ads on Android

More useful ads

Apps can ask Android for information to help personalize the ads you see.

• Android notes topics of interest based on the apps you've used recently.

Apps you use can also determine what you like based on how you use them. For example, if you use an app that sells long-distance running shoes, the app might decide that you're interested in running marathons.

Later, an app you use can ask for this information - either your ad topics or ads suggested by apps you've used.

Android auto-deletes topics and app-suggested data regularly. You can also block specific topics and apps you don't want to make suggestions.

Measuring how well an ad performs Apps you use can ask Android for information to help them measure the performance of their ads. Android lets apps collect limited types of data, such as the time of day an ad was shown to you.

Learn more about how Android protects your data in our Privacy Policy.

You can make changes in privacy settings.

URGENT need for 400 dollars for legal fees:

Help Mari, a trans woman raise money for her legal fees and flee florida's anti-trans legislation and find some security in a better place, away from her parents, likely in minnesota.:

Goal: 3553/5700


Tags: #TransCrowdFund #LegalFees #TransMutualAid #MutualAid #GTFOmyState #Minnesota #Florida #Boost #Fundraising #Fundraiser

Jaycee is a #trans teacher who needs to flee #florida with their spouse, they recently got a job (congrats!) and need to cover travel costs! :

goal: 1771/3000 dollars

Tags: #MutualAid #TransCrowdFund #Fundraiser #GTFOmyState #boost #TransMutualAid

Content warning: LGBTQ emergency crowdfund plz boost! 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️

#QueensBridge is in the Fediverse!

#Introduction: This is an instance for everybody who feels akin to the Queensbridge housing project, home of :nas: #nas, :MobbDeep: #MobbDeep and 🎵 #HipHop.

Feel free to join us and please #boost this post and follow us, especially if you're from the #USA or love #NewYork HipHop.

The server image: Picture of the Queensboro Bridge with the writing "" in an avant-garde font.

Please consider donating to the following collectives from #LatinAmerica ❤️, which are helping to build a more #sustainable and ethical web.

🟢 Nibö
A #SciComm initiative. Currently, running mastodon and peertube servers.

🟢 Compudanzas
A research project supporting the low-tech computing collective Archipielago Uno. Currently running an akkoma server.

💲 1 dollar makes a big difference.

Feel free to #boost :boost_requested:

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