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**Wo bleiben die Universitäten im Fediverse?**

Warum betreiben Universitäten nicht schon längst eigene Mastodon-Instanzen?

Warum bekommen Studierende nicht mit der Immatrikulation auch einen Mastodon-Handle?

Warum hosten Universitäten Vorlesungsvideos nicht über PeerTube im Fediverse?

Es gibt einiges, das für ein stärkeres Engagement von Universitäten im Fediverse spricht.

Ein Aufruf den man nur unterstützen kann! #boost
#fediverse #university @leonido

English Version
**Where are the universities in the Fediverse?**

Why don't universities have their own Mastodon instances yet?

Why don't students get a Mastodon handle when they enrol?

Why don't universities host lecture videos on PeerTube in the Fediverse?

There is a lot to be said for universities getting more involved in the Fediverse.

A call that can only be supported! #boost

#fediverse #university @leonido

PSA: Google has now begun to roll-out the Ad Topics "feature" onto Android itself. It's not just in Chrome you have to disable the settings. Please #Boost to spread awareness.

If you didn't get the pop-up screen on your Android device (it'll look like the first two screenshots), to opt-out of these settings:

  1. Go to your device Settings
  2. Press on "Google"
  3. Press on "Ads"
    • While you're here, press on the "Delete Advertising ID" button and delete it

  4. Press on "Ad Privacy"
  5. Review: "Ad Topics", "App-suggested ads", and "App Measurement". Make sure they are all labelled as "OFF". (This page will look like the third screenshot.)

If you don't see "Ad Privacy" in Step 4 then it means that it hasn't been rolled out to you yet. You might need to wait and check back in a couple of days to see if/when it has been implemented to disable these settings.

EDIT: There's another setting to review. In step 2, scroll to "Personalize using shared data". Turn everything off.

#Android #Google #Privacy #AdTopics

URGENT need for 400 dollars for legal fees:

Help Mari, a trans woman raise money for her legal fees and flee florida's anti-trans legislation and find some security in a better place, away from her parents, likely in minnesota.:

Goal: 3553/5700


Tags: #TransCrowdFund #LegalFees #TransMutualAid #MutualAid #GTFOmyState #Minnesota #Florida #Boost #Fundraising #Fundraiser

Jaycee is a #trans teacher who needs to flee #florida with their spouse, they recently got a job (congrats!) and need to cover travel costs! :

goal: 1771/3000 dollars

Tags: #MutualAid #TransCrowdFund #Fundraiser #GTFOmyState #boost #TransMutualAid

Content warning: LGBTQ emergency crowdfund plz boost! 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️

#QueensBridge is in the Fediverse!

#Introduction: This is an instance for everybody who feels akin to the Queensbridge housing project, home of :nas: #nas, :MobbDeep: #MobbDeep and 🎵 #HipHop.

Feel free to join us and please #boost this post and follow us, especially if you're from the #USA or love #NewYork HipHop.


Please consider donating to the following collectives from #LatinAmerica ❤️, which are helping to build a more #sustainable and ethical web.

🟢 Nibö
A #SciComm initiative. Currently, running mastodon and peertube servers.

🟢 Compudanzas
A research project supporting the low-tech computing collective Archipielago Uno. Currently running an akkoma server.

💲 1 dollar makes a big difference.

Feel free to #boost :boost_requested:

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