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#QueensBridge is in the Fediverse!

#Introduction: This is an instance for everybody who feels akin to the Queensbridge housing project, home of :nas: #nas, :MobbDeep: #MobbDeep and đŸŽ” #HipHop.

Feel free to join us and please #boost this post and follow us, especially if you're from the #USA or love #NewYork HipHop.

in reply to queensbridge

is this account/instance run by someone who lives in Queensbridge? if so let's meet up! if not let's figure out how to make this a reality!
in reply to Danny (he/they)

@danwchan No, I'm not from QB myself, but I'd love to let people from queensbridge take over.
in reply to queensbridge

I'm happy to chat with you about how we might make that happen. The lab I am working in is just south of QB and I taught in the library branch that's there. Maybe I can help facilitate some connections or something else. Are you in NYC?

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