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How amusing that the link for "common plant" (to "explain" what a tree is) leads to the poem "Trees" by Joyce Kilmer

#trees #APOD

I have a theory that dappled light is a kind of nervous-system-calmer - like white noise for the body.

#YorkshireDales #nature #trees

A tree-lined lane with dappled light, some bright spring greens, overgrown grass, blue sky through the branches.

Only a few more days in Denver. It's been fun 😀

Concurrently, I am also looking forward to being back home and in the forest again.

#ethdenver #nature #trees
Looking up at a tree with a cool winter sky

Some dancing oak trees for New Year’s Eve.

I hope everyone has an awesome evening, whatever you’re doing.

I will be happily tucked up in bed well before midnight, but I know it’s a tough time for others. I’ve been in a dark place in years past, so I know what it can be like.

Just don’t ever feel like you are alone.

Tomorrow is new year; a chance for a fresh start. It’s a chance to find joy in the little moments that make up each day.

#trees #woodland #photography #nature #mentalhealth
Some dancing oak trees in a foggy winter woodland.

#Reintroduction post, let's go!

🌳 I'm Sarah, I live on the edge of Epping Forest in London, UK with my partner & our cat Ditto.

📖 I'm interested in #writing & have had a few #scifi #fantasy & #horror short stories published recently.

📚 I love #comics (mostly #DC & indie) & occasionally do some colouring.

🎨 I like #painting #abstract #art & love seeing all your #mastoart!

🖖 I'm also interested in & sometimes toot / boost about #history #space #moss #trees #cptsd #trauma & #StarTrek
A painting with dark green tendrils on a pink and orange striped background

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