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My art mentor mentioned that she was proud of me for doing 3/4 views of people's faces. Many artists do full profile. I looked through all my sketches and was surprised to find that my work was either face forward or 3/4. Not a single profile in the entire portfolio. So I thought, "Hey! I should try doing a full profile painting. I have done loads of work with animals. This is the first time I have focussed on doing human figures after all these years! This is just a little 8 X 6" canvas trial.
#originalwork #mywork #painting

These are the flowers I bought myself for May Day this year. I made sure that if Desmond ate one of them, we wouldn't be rushing him to the vet!
#photo, #mywork

🎶 J’ai traversé les crasses, qui m’ont été tendues
J’ai pas laissé de traces, je ne me suis pas vendu
Maintenant, je brise la glace, c’est un peu tendu
Je sais c’est pas très classe, fallait pas m’chercher
Tu sais, j’ai pas abandonné la lutte des classes 🎶

#mastoart #creativetoots #mastomusic
#diy #artwork #mywork
#libre #artlibre #creativecommons #communs #cc #ccbysa
#musique #music #punk #rock

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