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If you need help with using Mastodon :mastodon: and the Fediverse :fediverse: you can ask me for help, but please check the website at first. It has lots of questions answered!

If you can't find what you need on the site, just mention me or message me and I will reply to you as a DM.

(I'm not doing publicly-visible replies from this account any more, as most people don't need to see them.)

#Mastodon #Fediverse #Introduction #ReIntroduction

Just passed 512 toots so here’s a very late #introduction / #reintroduction

I’m a white ginger trans woman from the US. I’m a lesbian but I think dudes are hot sometimes (in theory anyway). Can’t say enough good things about tall women.

I’m majoring in computer science. My interests include ai, cyberpunk aesthetics and solarpunk futures, computing w.r.t. environmentalism, libre software, cooking and mixology, hacking (in all senses), and trains.

I am proud to be queer and autistic.

#reintroduction #newpinned

I'm Mina and I'm working on a comic about witchcraft and occult in 17th century. It's a horror. Sometimes it's funny. Mosty it's not but you can't have everything in life It's set in Eastern Europe.
Other than that I like to draw over detailed patterns that look bad when scaled down on social media. I also study biology and work with dead things. It's not necromancy because sadly it is no longer part of academia.

#mastoart #horror #comic #webcomic #witch

#Reintroduction post, let's go!

🌳 I'm Sarah, I live on the edge of Epping Forest in London, UK with my partner & our cat Ditto.

📖 I'm interested in #writing & have had a few #scifi #fantasy & #horror short stories published recently.

📚 I love #comics (mostly #DC & indie) & occasionally do some colouring.

🎨 I like #painting #abstract #art & love seeing all your #mastoart!

🖖 I'm also interested in & sometimes toot / boost about #history #space #moss #trees #cptsd #trauma & #StarTrek
A painting with dark green tendrils on a pink and orange striped background

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