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I haven't participated in #FensterFreitag / #WindowFriday in ages. Thought I'd post this photo of a corner at Nancy's Bar in #Ardara, Co. #Donegal, #Ireland today. This was in a room separate from the bar/main dining room and we were the only ones seated there. We liked it that way. #IntrovertTravels

#travel #photography

Any other parents of young kids out there who like to hike / bike / ski / camp?

For us 2023 was the year of learning how to do it with a toddler while keeping him safe, comfortable, and happy.

And it went pretty well, overall. 🙂

In 2024, though, we'll have a new baby, as well...

Any tips, tricks or advice you've got on trip planning & execution with TWO young kids would be welcome!

#parenting #parents #hiking #biking #camping #backpacking #backcountry #skiing #travel

Sorry yall I don't want to use this place as a sort of "look at how amazing my life is" Instagram, but I just wanted to let yall know that the Cook Islands were incredible, that I just woke up to free pancakes in my hostel on Bondi and that I'll be petsitting a lovely dog and cat in Sydney for a month 😊 #travel #australia #sydney

Soursop, also known as graviola, guyabano, or guanábana. Excellent eaten as is, fantastic juice, not too sweet.
Like many things, consuming in moderation is best. This fruit contains compounds that can cause nerve damage and symptoms that resemble those of Parkinson's disease if ingested in too large amounts.
Costa Rica.

#Soursop #Graviola #Guanabana #Fruits #Travel #CostaRica

I have too many photos of sloths and all are too cute to sort out and delete. Also, I can't remember which sloth (2-toed or 3-toed) has long hair vs short hair, brown vs grey, smiley face vs piggy face). I heard the explanation so many times but it simply wouldn't stick, I'll just have to google it.

Arenal volcano, Costa Rica.

#Sloths #Travel #TravelPhotography #Portraits #Photography #CostaRica #Nature #Wildlife #NaturePhotography #WildlifePhotography

Thank you, for this tremendous #photo — like a waking #dream or #time #travel.

Which is how I feel about the #desert in general & I’m fortunate to have visited this one, in particular: White Desert (aka ‘Farrafra’) in #Egypt .

Here’s a #book I wrote about my transporting desert experiences— with #photography 🙏🏼✨

@bookstodon #books #bookstodon #culture #mysticism #poetrycommunity #poetry #writing #Morocco

As someone from #Egypt (poor at #history) I did not realized this…

Thanks, for sharing & here’s something in return:

#culture #travel @histodons

Having been to over 40 of the national parks, I can solidly say "No!". I do intend on having kids soon & taking them to at least most of the national & many state parks throughout the USA, but, beyond the obviously missing parks in Alaska and Hawaii (Denali being among the parks I've visited)to just rush through all these places so quickly won't allow any of said parks to be truly experienced, but also having driven on many of these &other long roadways>>
#NationalParks #Travel #Mapping

Sounds like a great idea! While I was growing up, my parents took all of us on cross-country trips visiting many of the national parks-- up to 10,000 miles in one trip. While I was too young to fully appreciate it at the time, the memories last to this day and I continue to revisit and enjoy many of the national parks. #nature #travel

Have you ever thought about visiting all of the national parks in the U.S. in one epic road trip?

In 2016, data scientist Randy Olson optimized the route of 14,498 miles (23,333 km) which would take 2+ months. He even designed the journey as a circle so you can begin at any point & direction.

All the details: #science #data #nature #travel

Apr 21
Snakes, Bats, and Glowing Things: Field Genomics in the Amazon Jungle
Fri 7:00 PM - Sat 1:00 AM
Biotech Without Borders

How do scientists do disease surveillance and study biodiversity through the lens of genomics? Citizen scientist Blacki Migliozzi joined a group of jungle field researchers to find out.

Through anecdotes and stunning photography he will walk us through what it's like to work with big cats, primates, birds, bats, frogs, snakes and many other kinds of organisms. He'll also provide first-hand observations of the habitat loss endangering these ecosystems as well as the dangers scientists put themselves in when doing this important work.

We're located in Suite 319, you may have to call/text the lab phone (7086371289) to enter.

Biotech Without Borders is a member-led, 501(c)(3) nonprofit, community biolab founded in 2017 to serve the New York City community. See our website for more details!

As it’s #caturday I’m sharing a photo of a cat we met in Diocletian’s Baths, Rome, in 2020. #catsofmastodon #dailyphoto #photography #travel

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