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and I wouldn't be surprised if they get a another big boost from your post

Especially given the timing. It's a bank holiday here in Ireland, where it is very popular, since it has one of the only decent representations of Irish culture in any game, ever.

#Ireland #mastodaoine #AdventureGames

I keep meaning, but repeatedly forget, to do an #introduction post.

My name's Bernard. I live in #Dublin #Ireland with my wife and 2 kids. I'm originally from #donegal and spent a few years in #cavan in my teens.

I work in #SRE

I started in 2019 and had a couple of instances before that. I also run a #funkwhale instance at

Beyond tech, I love music. Mostly #punk with some #folk (I played guitar for #belfast band Runnin' Riot for a bit) #mastodaoine

I haven't participated in #FensterFreitag / #WindowFriday in ages. Thought I'd post this photo of a corner at Nancy's Bar in #Ardara, Co. #Donegal, #Ireland today. This was in a room separate from the bar/main dining room and we were the only ones seated there. We liked it that way. #IntrovertTravels

#travel #photography

#News: Countries including #Germany and #Ireland are launching official investigations into #palmoil #biofuel #fraud risks, while the @eucommission has promised to investigate fraudulent Indonesian biodiesel #Boycottpalmoil #Boycott4Wildlife

Wix fires Irish employee for Gaza support, tells staff to “join a company initiative to create videos and creative campaigns”, to “support Israel’s narrative” … “show Westernity” in posts, as “unlike the Gazans, we look and live like Europeans and Americans”. It’s “very important to emphasise this in texts and images so that they feel close to us”

#wix #israel #gaza #ireland #genocide

Púca in the Machine 2023.

A second year of artistic research about myth, technology and ecology at the Poulaphuca Reservoir, featuring new work by three artists.

Featuring a 150-year-old print brought back to life in a tongue-in-cheek film; recordings of monologues from voices that once lived in the flooded valley; and a fuel cell created from the soil of the reservoir playing song by a local singer.

Presentation Thursday October 26th, 6pm, Blessington Library, Wicklow

#art #ireland #myth

Just getting in a stroll before sunset on the Marina in #Cork City in #Ireland

Belfast! What are you doing THIS SATURDAY?

Come one, come all to the Northern Ireland Raspberry Jam! In collaboration with the School of #Maths and #Physics at Queens University.

#raspberrypi #ireland

Assembly: A new interactive #art installation launching this Saturday Nov 19th at the Jackie Clarke Collection, Ballina, Co. Mayo, #Ireland

The work is about collecting. It blends technology, philosophy, newspapers, print, and human and nonhuman storytelling. It is the culmination of 6 months of research with an unusual historical collection.

Supported by Mayo Arts Office Decade of Centenaries funding.

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