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A fantastic video by an incredibly inventive farmer who's built out a bespoke waste timber-to-biochar system, including a push-powered field railway and giant handmade flywheel.

#biochar #permaculture #diy #organic #solarpunk

~*~ The Handbook ~*~
I have a new section on my site dedicated to sharing what I know about #permaculture #gardening #homesteading
and the like. More content is underway. ✨

I've noticed a lot of interest in #permaculture #gardening around here so I added a page to my site that lists the 12 permaculture principles and a collection of resources including books and videos that I've learned from. I am self taught and still (always) learning and practicing and I enjoy sharing the things that have helped me along the way.

I made myself a little space on the web as a central place for much of what I post about here - #gardening #permaculture #preserving #art and the like. I'm happy to finally have an independent space for these things.

Oregon state university is running a free online #permaculture course from April the 22nd to May the 20th

If you enroll and need an accountability partner, feel free to contact me :blobderpy:

January is "watch a bunch of gardening videos on youtube" month for us northern-nothern hemisphere people. Here are my favorite channels:

Edible Acres
One Yard Revolution
Parkrose Permaculture
Charles Dowding

What are some other good ones? #gardening #permaculture

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