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1504 cultivars of tomatoes, out of more than 10,000 varieties.
Celebrate and embrace diversity.

1504 varieties of Romanian #tomatoes at the Brussels festival!
Photo: Marian Popescu
#gardening #food

1504 varieties of Romanian tomatoes at the Brussels festival displayed on a very long table! 
Photo: Marian Popescu

Thai Red Roselle is new to us this season. A vendor at a biological farming conference talked me into buying some seeds and I'm glad she did. The plant is wildly beautiful and I'm very happy to have our own dried hibiscus! I am planning to make a hibiscus elderberry honey syrup - all homegrown - to help us get through winter.

#gardening #homesteading

fingers holding the delicate bud of the thai red roselle plant that will be removed for drying. thai red roselle plant with bright green three armed leaves and deep red stems and buds
thai red roselle, or hibsicus, petals drying on a rack with the seed cores piled in the center for drying and saving silver bowl holding all the harvested thai red roselle (hibiscus) buds that will get dried for teas and concoctions.

9 lb harvest of beans today 💃

In just this last week we've gotten 40 total pounds of cucumber, summer squash, green onion, tomatoes, shishitos, black-eyed peas, and of course green beans.

#gardening #growyourown

kitchen island covered in linen towels with a massive heap of green beans laid across it

Could use some more opinions on this from folks familiar with Southern US #gardening, climate, and #wildlife:

Current off-reddit hypothesis is that caterpillars went to town on it and that it'll probably recover now that their busy season is over. The city balcony it's on is on the 3rd floor, but near some trees.

#plants #plantclinic

Was rearranging my container garden when I came across this lovely fellow living between them, with cats sleeping nearby no less! #gardening #mice
A small brown mouse with a short tail trying to hide in some clover. I gave the poor thing a fright.

My new #podcast episode is out: When #Gardeners Run Wild! SEVEN hours of work only in the studio. Many more for researching and scripting. #Podcasting is HARD work.

I have to hurry for an appointment, and hopefully get to a supermarket this evening: the fridge is almost empty. Sleep!!! (Tomorrow I submit the time markers.)

You can listen to #NatureMatchCuts for free but also support my work/my fridge.😋 Find every info, platform and support button on #gardening #farming

wild robot gardener with a big red flower. AI-image in Comic style.

19 farm shares harvested and packed this morning! 😍

Some of what's here is part of a collaborative farm share produced by multiple farmers. This share includes a recipe and all the ingredients to go with it. This month's box is for mushroom frittata, side salad, and fresh sourdough bread with chive butter. All locally grown and produced on small bio-regenerative farms ✨

#gardening #smallfarming #regenerativeag

containers of microgreens lined up on counter three baskets of freshly harvested kale, looseleaf lettuce, and cherry bell radish
containers of radish and fresh herbs with bags of lettuce and kale mixed

Today we built a new hügelkultur bed along the side of our vegetable garden. Our plans are to build a few more for a nice long block (~20' or so) of new planting area. We're consider using them for blueberries, flowers, and numerous herbs.

How we built it:
- dug a 2' deep hole (~7' x 2.5')
- added one layer of logs
- covered logs with thin layer of soil
- added a second layer of material: sticks, limbs, and aged corn stalks
- topped with a thick layer of soil

(photo 1/4) Logs laid in a single layer in a hole about 2' deep (photo 2/4) Soil covering the first layer of logs
(photo 3/4) Limbs and sticks layered on top of other layers in the 2' deep hole (photo 4/4) Soil mounded up and covering the final layer of limbs and sticks

this is something I had no idea about. Very inspiring and her work is beautiful.
#women #art #plantstodon #gardening

~*~ The Handbook ~*~
I have a new section on my site dedicated to sharing what I know about #permaculture #gardening #homesteading
and the like. More content is underway. ✨

I've noticed a lot of interest in #permaculture #gardening around here so I added a page to my site that lists the 12 permaculture principles and a collection of resources including books and videos that I've learned from. I am self taught and still (always) learning and practicing and I enjoy sharing the things that have helped me along the way.

I made myself a little space on the web as a central place for much of what I post about here - #gardening #permaculture #preserving #art and the like. I'm happy to finally have an independent space for these things.

An #introduction: I'm Melissa (they/them)! Some of my projects are in my bio, but in general I am and do:

#gamedev & #podcasting

#gardening #succulents #cacti

#asexual / #grayace / #queer

#polyamory #relationshipanarchy

I write. I #webdev. I play way too much Fallen London. I collect tattoos. I will not call posts "toots".

I like learning to be more imaginative in devising solutions to difficult problems. 🎊

Time for some Wandering #introductions!

Hi, I’m Lyn (aldersprig).
I like
#knitting, #mapmaking
#baking, #homesteading

#gardening, #renovation
#art ( #mastoart )


#reading #fantasy #scifi #nonfiction #howto

#sewing (in theory), other #crafting, hopefully #Papermaking & #lino this year

and any #apple #recipes you might have (see also above).

I live in cow country in the Finger Lakes, NY State, US with 3 cats & a husband.

if you're getting ready to grow some veggies this year, maybe my scheduling tool will be useful to you. I'm test running it this year but it's already helped me have a better understanding of the growing season than if I was trying to make a paper schedule like I've done in the past. #gardening

January is "watch a bunch of gardening videos on youtube" month for us northern-nothern hemisphere people. Here are my favorite channels:

Edible Acres
One Yard Revolution
Parkrose Permaculture
Charles Dowding

What are some other good ones? #gardening #permaculture

Glad I've plant so many seeds because most of the plants died. The few that survived seem to going strong. This is the first chile (de arbol, I think) flower of the season. @plants #gardening #hotpeppers #chilis

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