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My Woolly Mammoth pattern is included in the #FastenOffYAL sale. Maybe you would like to knit this woolly friend? #knitting

Finished boneyard sweethearts! This is the perfect festival sweater as I used yarn from many small dyers for the color work. The base yarn is a sturdy and snuggly Romney from Apple Creek Merinos. #knitting #knittersofmastodon

*Finally* finished my baby blanket! Very snug timing, because I'm driving up to see that branch of the fam this weekend. 😅

Still need to block it out and hopefully have it at least mostly dry on the trip up. It's been over a decade since I've done a blanket and I'm pretty sure I didn't block those out, so I'm following a guide. 😬 I think I had in my head that it wasn't worth blocking acrylic? Don't know if that's true, but this one is cotton.


I'm in Appledore in Devon, to give a talk later about Blue Machine and I've just discovered that they have a KNITTED OCEAN outside their church. And this is the Best Thing Ever.

#science #knitting #ocean

I finished my latest little #knitting project recently, a little fox pouch for holding my meds when I switch purses and bags. I made it on smaller needles than the pattern called for because one of my main purses is smol.

I have once or twice been caught without my "take as soon as you suspect" migraine meds because I forgot to transfer them from one purse to another. Hopefully just needing to move this little cutie around helps with that.

Roughly 3.5 months after I started it, my #celestarium is finished. It’s huge, it’s magic and it didn’t take nearly as long as I expected. I didn’t work on it for most of the time. But a lot of Star Trek Voyager, DS9, Next Generation, a couple of Lower Decks episodes and a little bit of the Expanse went in there.

#knittersofmastodon #fiberuary #knitting

Presenting the Champlain Ice Scarf: #climate #knitting. The white rows are years when Lake Champlain (#vermont) froze over. The blue rows are years when it did not. Data are from 1800 through 2021. Guess which end is 1820.

I picked up knitting again recently. I made this cozy for a mason jar and tried to felt it, but it didn't shrink at all. Oh, well! It fits on a quart jar instead of on the half-quart. #theWorkshop #knitting #felt #masonjar

Time for some Wandering #introductions!

Hi, I’m Lyn (aldersprig).
I like
#knitting, #mapmaking
#baking, #homesteading

#gardening, #renovation
#art ( #mastoart )


#reading #fantasy #scifi #nonfiction #howto

#sewing (in theory), other #crafting, hopefully #Papermaking & #lino this year

and any #apple #recipes you might have (see also above).

I live in cow country in the Finger Lakes, NY State, US with 3 cats & a husband.

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