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#modteam the has been a lot of clear communication on the #OMN sustainability. I think the #UX tools for this are bad, this is a dev issue.

You can outreach this link to build suitability

@rooftopaxx we are going to be thinking about shutting down all #OMN instances as the is currently no money to pay the hosting, and outreaching is not working without a LOT of help.

The #DIY coding project is not actually working anyway, the has been no movement beyond chatter on the tech side of #OMN for the last few years, and the #fedivers stuff was set up to seed this dev.

Any ideas for a good path, happy to pass the instances on to a new responsible crew.


#modteam this instance will be shutting down in a month due to no funding coming in from donations. The has been a year of messaging on this, it's finally time to shut the instance down

Social change is a social thing #DIY is never free, but yes it's low cost.

#modteam this instance is costing : $39.00/month we don't get in a fraction of this from here this is completely unsuitable. Please put in a monthly donation to keep the #OMN instances online, thanks.

Support the #openweb

#modteam as we have been pointing out for the last 3 months, our funding of the #OMN is becoming unsustainable due to the effect of the #twittermigration increasing mastodon hosting costs we need help outreaching to cover this shortfall please.

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