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@rooftopaxx we are going to be thinking about shutting down all #OMN instances as the is currently no money to pay the hosting, and outreaching is not working without a LOT of help.

The #DIY coding project is not actually working anyway, the has been no movement beyond chatter on the tech side of #OMN for the last few years, and the #fedivers stuff was set up to seed this dev.

Any ideas for a good path, happy to pass the instances on to a new responsible crew.


@bob @Hamishcampbell
It's hard to stress how "niave" meany devs on the #fedivers are after 15 years is exactly what I have been saying for 20 years.

#openweb #4opens is about building human trust, hard security is a very slightly overlapping but easy to see different path for building non "trust" based connections.

Some surprisingly hard to build bridges might help with this ongoing mess.

This text reads like a vanguardist path, based on #mainstreaming reading and narrow #geekproblem thinking. It's missing the paths that hold value in #4opens horizontal activist paths we are taking but. But yes, getting lost on in our the growing #fedivers and the wide spread of #openweb diversity projects.

What it does highlight is the need for social and political thinking is needed, the is value there.

Can you see any of this feedback?

Can we build a consensus around “BRANDING” for the #openweb and #fedivers

#matrix comes from a different place than the #fedivers here is a link on this the is a history to this "different place" and it's only half #openweb native.

For people who do not see the activism in this. Chicken and egg - we already have the egg - it's the #fedivers now can we nurture this to hatch a chicken. Or will our egg be stolen by magpies - see our #fahernistas making a mess of the "protocol wars" on this subject.

We still need "governance" codeing to scale the #fedivers #openweb reboot, people are currently #blocking by pushing the pointless and powerless #NGO path. We need to develop something better than this. The is a long-running project #OGB that works in a "native" way

#openweb the #fedivers is native to the thinking, it's working well and will likely destroy billions of dollars of #CONTROL and in balance create billions of "dollars" of happiness before it like the #OPENWEB early is consumed and goes back into the #CONTROL mess it grows from, this is a balance. Are you on the side of CONTROL or TRUST is a semi seruse question

Chumbawamba - "English Rebel Songs 1381-1984"

2003 Mutt Records, 2008 PM Press

This is the 2003 re-recorded version of the album.

To read the original CD album booklet, go to

#fediforum We need to think about damage and good netiquette, all #Fediverse codebases are open-source.

People using and bring in codebases that are #closedsource are not "native" to the #fedivers. There will be STRONG social backlash about people who bring in closed source into the #openweb path.

NOTE am not pushing this problem, It's what is here in the space, have a blog on this subject

There are meany subcultures on #mastodon that have the idea that they are the ONLY subculture and everything they think is the big story of #fedivers culture. This is bad behaver and obviously not true.

What we do have in common is #4opens and a history of #openweb netticate. The rest is a point of view, valid for its group, but not the "big" story.

Good for #mainstreaming people to understand this healthy, but messy #open culture we have here.

With #mastodon and the #fedivers over the last 5 years, we are at this #web01.5 #reboot stage of the #openweb An article here on this (click past the broken SSL please)

The libertarian "cats" of the #fedivers and mastodon are having a hard time coming together to get needed stuff done

We have managed to herd the cats before, so can do this agen.

Podcast Empfehlung

Podcast Empfehlung
Hochinteressanter Podcast zum Thema #Datenschutz und #DigitalServices Act bei #Mastodon. Ist aber auch meiner Meinung nach interessant für alle andere Software im #Fedivers
!Friendica Admins

@Le Général Midi Non, pas du tout, le #Fedivers (basé sur ActivityPub) et la #Fédération (basée sur Diaspora) sont deux réseaux incompatibles entre eux. Une poignée de plate-formes supporte les deux protocoles (Friendica et Hubzilla en tête) mais cela conduit à des discussions fragmentées où les utilisateurs de Diaspora ne peuvent voir que les réponses Friendica aux comptes Mastodon, et vice-versa.

Still learning a lot about #Friendica and the #fedivers myself. But I'll be always happy to help others, and maybe I'll be able to also contribute some day. The vision of an open, noncommercial decentralized social network is worth the effort.
@Hypolite Petovan what will be best practice to get started to support developers? Unfortunately, I not that much experience in open source community social culture. I guess participating the discussion on the git site?

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