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My question led to a very reactionary answer on social actavisam, a complete dismissal of #mainstreaming politics and a clear democratic rejection of #dotcons billionaires.

The is no agency for the needed change challenge he argues for, a bureaucratic plan with no path to implement it. Very #Oxford

The speakers are all #mainstreaming but the subject is radical, let's see?

Update he was a good truth teller

At another #Oxford event "How can we build the sustainable economy?' with Dieter Helm & Dimitri Zenghelis" let's see if this steps out of the pointless #mainstreaming path of the last 3 events #oxfordmartinschool


Under capitalism (and neoliberalism is extreme capitalism) everything has a price, and thus must be paid for. In general, waterways are "commons" thus do not have prices for meany things, or are cross subsidized by meany stakeholders. Over the last 40 years we have tried (and often failed) to bring this "price logic" to enclose the water "commons" this is going through a new wave in the UK lead by #CRT and #mainstreaming thinking.

It's making a mess.

@rooftopaxx the problem is the is nothing kollectiva as well, its a problem with the coding of this #openweb reboot, its fading as it goes #mainstreaming this is not a surprise thus the thinking about shutting down, only have so much focus.

The Campbell family foundation is finally working

Check it out if you like art and politics from the grassroots to the #mainstreaming


#mainstreaming and #geekproblem are not positive terms in my personal estimation.
But I guess it depends on personal stance ;)

The #geekproblem to me (also a programmer) is where tech-obsessives build almost for the sake of building, do not consider the repercussions of their work and end up making shit worse.
E.g. the 'like' button

#mainstreaming is more obvious. While it is sometimes nice to feel part of something big, it's where diversity goes to die.


In #ActivityPub "governance" at the moment people are mostly #dogmatic #NGO crew, some are #mainstreaming careerism, others are doing #geekproblem #grassroots careerism.

Neither of these are real friends of any alternatives, they are friendly enemies ;)

Talking about the free culture of the last 40 years of the last century. "Our" tribe living outside #mainstreaming tribe.

Is it possible to have a different economic and social world, and if it is how do we keep this in place #OMN #OGB #makeinghistory #indymediaback

one thing i came away from this video was that everyone is building to fix the problems "within" capitalism, they are learning how to do change in the context of capitalism etc their thinking is bound, there movenmt is bound #mainstreaming

The undeclared war on #4opens is becoming "common sense" on the #fediverse with the shift to #mainstreaming this is back to the mess we were stepping away from with our #openweb reboot.

The #mainstreaming are flooding in is good and it's bad.... the problem is we have no "governance" to decide which and to push this.


When I call #mainstreaming people insane, i actually mean this. Common sense is now the illness of 40 years of worshipping the #deathcult, so they is little "sense" left.

This is a problem we need to work past urgently #climatechaos #geekproblem

This text reads like a vanguardist path, based on #mainstreaming reading and narrow #geekproblem thinking. It's missing the paths that hold value in #4opens horizontal activist paths we are taking but. But yes, getting lost on in our the growing #fedivers and the wide spread of #openweb diversity projects.

What it does highlight is the need for social and political thinking is needed, the is value there.

Can you see any of this feedback?

I went to a geek meetup yesterday, and I came away with a feeling that our insanity is too deep to move away from.

This is a problem for people who would like to see some active change and challenge. People really are insane in the era of #XR and #climatechaos

Ideas from the mental help profershern please for dealing with #mainstreaming "common sense" insanity.


Fluffy office occupations are a good tool for creating more real dialogue with #mainstreaming organizations that are BLOCKING the change and challenge that is needed this is an example from #XR

The poison that is pop #postmodernism is that it pushes away shared world-views, and thus is a useful companion to the dominant #neoliberalism of our economic #mainstreaming mess.

Both of these ideologies are now dead and rotting, but this rot is festering the current mess spreading.

We need to compost #OMN

Building consensuses on shared world views helps with this, talk to your nabbers.

By reacting to #mainstreaming you are pushing #mainstreaming to try and step away from this kinda #fashernista behaviour you should take an alt path and stick to it, this is better if this path is progressive and socially changing #KISS The #mainstreaming is rushing in, this is still noise, and we still need signal.

#mainstreaming people are deluded fools in the era of #climatechas and if they are aggressive to the point of #blocking then they are nasty self-destructive deluded fools who are creating mess and #blocking the change that is needed.


This is a view of one "tribe" on the fedivers, there are meany, to be welcome here is to #DIY build and nurture your tribe. As you say this is not as easy as #mainstreaming but it is what the #openweb is about. And yes the intolerant crew often do not help, this is a part of #DIY culture as well.

Talking about the #mainstreaming crew, they can be intolerant too

#fediverse we are going to have waves of #mainstreaming people coming into "our" #openweb counter currents, bringing a lot of non-native, unthinking blinded mess with them, they will push this mess over us as common sense then they will retreat back to #mainstreming and point at us covered in mess... "look these guys are covered in mess we can't work with them...

Yes this is bad behaver, ideas please?

For a lot of #fashernistas in our spaces, things only matter if they come from #mainstreaming this is obviously crap blinded behaver – but it’s hard to communicate why, likely they can’t see us.

Well, more like they walk right past us looking the other way and takes the big bundle of bills from capitalism.

It’s a mess to be composted.

Just replace the term labels with hashtags and you have the flows in the #OMN
think we are going to see more #mainstreaming of the #OMN projects, just they will be for the agenda of the #NGO masked up #dotcons rather than the #openweb

This is how the #OMN works our ideas are going #mainstreaming, but nobody is going to link back, even the term "compost".

the development of #mastodon has been captured by the #NGO crew for a while now - this is a normal outcome of a good #openweb project going #mainstreaming

The solution to this normal issue is to shift focus to new potential outreach project to balance this shift.

Attacking and PUSHING back HARD at this change has limited and often negative effects.

Do better, only complaining is #BLOCKING

With the #feudalism of #FOSS and #opensurce development, we face the issue of with a project that goes #mainstreaming like #mastodon is currently.

This is a fundamental "democratic" problem that we don't have a solution for.

Please help to build the #OGB

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