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In #ActivityPub "governance" at the moment people are mostly #dogmatic #NGO crew, some are #mainstreaming careerism, others are doing #geekproblem #grassroots careerism.

Neither of these are real friends of any alternatives, they are friendly enemies ;)

What a mess these people are not our friends @76c71aae3a491f1d9eec47cba17e229cda4113a0bbb6e6ae1776d7643e29cafa

This stuff is dying, let it rot, compost for the #grassroots #openweb

how old are you, have you ever done any frontline activism? You maybe need to.

We are building from what works #grassroots #DIY with #OMN #indymediaback #OGB based on theory from practices.

Good to engage with this flow to practice activism.

we theoryise less and live and do more at the #OMN and by this I mean theory comes from on the ground practice, learn by doing, learn from doing, be the doing. The virtue of #DIY #Grassroots which academic "thinking" way to often misrepresents ;)

yep, its currently a mess, though after ten years of wasted #techshit it's a nice mess to have.

Let's take this mess and shift it into a #KISS semantic web of data flows and stores. The keywords for the #OMN are simple and stupid, it's the only root that actually works #grassroots #DIY path.

We need shovels (#4opens) and compost (current #techshit) and seeds (of hope) to plant, let's grow the "commons"

The are projects for this

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