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Agree, this is the #OGB we have 3 funding applications in for this lets pray it works its way past the funding #blocking of alt tech.

For building alts we have reached beyond the end of what we can do by copying #dotcons as outreach like we are doing here we need "native" codebases as well as #FOSS copies of #dotcons to be the change and challenge we need.

The are projects that need your help and support here

#OMN #OGB #makeinghistory #indymediaback

Rule making is always the death path of any working Alt/grassroots structure this comes soon after the dictatorship of the invisible hierarchy, its mess making.

This is a scripted fail that is recurring for 20 years of the #geekproblem in tech and #FOSS "governance" we do need to do better #OGB

I joined a #FOSS tech project to do "governance"

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it's a slave relationship 😀 well OK maybe a serf, most tech has this feudalism hardcoded its a path we need to do #4opens on hardcore 😀 is how most #dotcons and #FOSS tech works... it's a mess, we do need to do better #OGB

Talking about the free culture of the last 40 years of the last century. "Our" tribe living outside #mainstreaming tribe.

Is it possible to have a different economic and social world, and if it is how do we keep this in place #OMN #OGB #makeinghistory #indymediaback

The #mainstreaming are flooding in is good and it's bad.... the problem is we have no "governance" to decide which and to push this.


The purpose and vision for our #OGB project is to address challenges and conflicts that currently exist within grassroots organizations and assist in the management of those that arise. By creating a tool set for 'Do It Yourself' (DIY) governance. We aim to develop a 'Keep It Simple, Stupid' (#KISS) standard framework and process. This will become #OGB which can be used in future solutions, organically evolving through time.

#OGB #kiss

yep this is the bases of the ten year #OMN project and its of shoots #indymediaback #makeinghistory #OGB etc

The is a video on this

A whole load of non "owned" social tech projects on grassroots social subject/path #OMN #OGB #indymediaback #makeinghistory of course things like this only work with shared values #4opens #PGA

And the current core standard #activertypub is also needed to escape the #siloing that comes so "naturally".

@NGIZero @sovtechfund

Our current crap #tech funding and #dev agendas are a part of this extinction level event

The last 20 years of #techshit has obviously been both pushing this problem and doing almost nothing to stop it. On the #openweb tech side, we are still being prats on his.

Please think about this #geekproblem, thanks.

#OMN #OGB #4opens #indymediaback

In the era of #climatechaos and #XR people who are #blocking the needed social change in tech are criminals, that are playing an active role in the genocide of our societies and peoples due to social and ecological breakdown.

We have different paths in place #4opens #openweb #OGB #indymediaback #OMN are working examples of social tech tools to mediate away from this #mainstreming criminality.

Take a moment to step away, take a breath, think then act. Don't be a prat, thanks

The #OGB has 3 subjects to talk about. 1) tradition of working activist grassroots organizing 2) the use of technological federation, ActivityPub and the Fediverse traditions to scale. 3) original thinking, bringing these together for grassroots #openweb producer governance, this part needs lots of input.

Development outline for #OGB project

On the subject of governance this has been worked on for the last few years #OGB and is at the stage where most feature requests are answered "let the people deicide" so ready to encode and rollout.

It's build from hundreds of years of on the ground "undocumented" grassroots organizing which we know works, rather than the normal #geeproblem and #fahernista approaches that tend to pile up more #techshit to compost.

#OGB can I point you to a project that has been widely developing over the last few years on #socialhub to move "governance" from the coders to the producers, the instances and the people.

Yes it's messy and truly "native" for this, it's based on what works, a long history of what works.

We can't keep making more #techshit as you say, it's not the helpful path 😀

We need to move away from #feudalism as a governance model #OGB

With the #feudalism of #FOSS and #opensurce development, we face the issue of with a project that goes #mainstreaming like #mastodon is currently.

This is a fundamental "democratic" problem that we don't have a solution for.

Please help to build the #OGB

With the influx of #mainstreaming the is now an epidemic of prat ish behaver growing the mess we need to compost

This is from every direction. Ideas please?

And yes, the #mainstreaming moving back to the #openweb is an inherent good. Am commenting on us and how we mediate this influx for native #openweb outcomes.

Making more mess is not helping #indymediaback is an example of a path that is "native" to mediating this mess, as is #OGB etc.

@Gargron is not a bad "King" as kings go, but #feudalism is a very bad form of "governance" for the #openweb reboot we need to move to democracy sooner than latter #OGB

The #OGB project came out of a thread
# that itself came out of the outreaching #activitypub to the #EU, which a group of people organized.

This working practice comes from 30 years of building from The Tyranny of Structureless tick box list That code being quite "anti-human" is an interesting challenge, and it's important to figure out how to get the humane "mess" in a coding process that is based on being "exact" and in control #OGB

The #OGB shaping of the "body" comes from a long history/experience of horizontal activism, where "those who do the work have more say."

The #OGB pushes that the bulk of the voice comes from those who run the #Fediverse, the people who run/support the instances. The people who build the tools also get a say, as do support orgs and events, and the users who will be spread widely get a say, but their power is diluted by the much larger numbers involved.

Our "king" is being seduced by the #NGO crew... #feudalism is a very bad model of "governance" just saying the obvious #OGB

We still need "governance" codeing to scale the #fedivers #openweb reboot, people are currently #blocking by pushing the pointless and powerless #NGO path. We need to develop something better than this. The is a long-running project #OGB that works in a "native" way

how old are you, have you ever done any frontline activism? You maybe need to.

We are building from what works #grassroots #DIY with #OMN #indymediaback #OGB based on theory from practices.

Good to engage with this flow to practice activism.

do you understand that this reply is the sought of script a right wing troll would read out to add to the current mess. Have a look at the background o this conversation and come back with something outside this thanks. #indymediaback #OMN #OGB might help as links.

The #OGB project, stands for Open Governance Body. It is an initiative to create a governance body for the #fediverse, a network of decentralized social platforms that use the ActivityPub protocol.

Explains the motivation, vision and goals of the #OGB, as well as some of the challenges and opportunities it faces. Please feedback.

The chatting class talking about the mess the #dotcons have made of the #openweb and internet

Digital addiction, the drug in our pocket is a problem we need to deal with. We need tools not drugs #OMN #OGB #Indymediaback

Basic social United we stand, divided we fall. Think about our selves and society as groups, not get lost in the #stupidindividualism sold to us, we have wasted years pushing over each other Let's build our tech with this in mind #OMN #OGB #indymediaback

#OMN Talking about practical working grassroots "governance"

#DecentSocial we would like to be part of the crew running a session on

Outlining this #openweb #fediverse native #OGB project people have been working on for the last few years.

It's reached programming stage, we have one dev and two experienced mentors, looking for a few committed #openweb coders of any skill level to build this not for profit project.

put two funding applications in, though they will likely be alien too you and the funders as they come from the grassroots where the value is created on the #openweb and not from the mostly pointless #NGO's that normal get funding. Hope you and the #mainstreaming crew make the effect to understand this, as we can't keep doing the same #techshit we have done for the last 20 years ;)

#OMN #indymediaback #OGB

Interesting ideas about organizing for a structure like we have here on #SocialCoop via @Hamishcampbell
#OGB @ogb

#OMN Talking about practical working grassroots "governance"

#DecentSocialTopics we would like to run a session on

Outlining this #openweb #fediverse native #OGB project people have been working on for the last few years.

It's reached programming stage, we have one dev and two experienced mentors, looking for a few committed #openweb coders of any skill level to build this not for profit project. This is the #mainstreaming hierarchical #processgeek version of the grassroots horizontal #OGB project. Were we know the #OGB has worked fine for a hundred years, it's good to have diversity to experiment with untested approaches like citizens assemblies.

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