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Items tagged with: stupidindividualism

Just a reminder, treating everything as a personal conflict is unbelievably stupid thing to do #stupidindividualism is a mess we keep adding to #nothingnew

We typically found little to be confusing about your hashtags, once you explained them. For example, we didn't understand what you meant by #stupidIndividualism until you linked it to #postModern notions of individualism.

We absolutely love your #dotCons tag to describe the likes of the #CAGEMAFIA (eg. Cloudflare-Amazon-Google-TwitterBuyer-Microsoft-Apple-Fakebook-IBM-Akamai cabal).

We will continue to use that hashtag until the threat of #technoFeudalism is over.

we address all these issues at core #OMN project. Have been working to fix the current #techshit mess for the last 10 years. The #geekproblem which is a generally a metaphor for the more #mainstreaming #stupidindividualism after 40 years of worshipping the #deathcult is a hard crap behaver to step away from, ideas are not enough, action is needed, the is the history of grassroots direct action, you can drink from this history here good to take a sip.

Basic social United we stand, divided we fall. Think about our selves and society as groups, not get lost in the #stupidindividualism sold to us, we have wasted years pushing over each other Let's build our tech with this in mind #OMN #OGB #indymediaback

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