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Just a reminder, treating everything as a personal conflict is unbelievably stupid thing to do #stupidindividualism is a mess we keep adding to #nothingnew

#Nostr has bridged, well actually this history is a little mad, it was #truthsocial crew who wrote the code to bridge #Nostr to #Activertypub, you could not make this stuff up.

Bridges are need, we should piss on any new protocols that don't have at least one bridge to an existing #openweb protocol, and pissing is not just a metaphor, it helps to short out their servers.

#nothingnew is only half a metaphor 😀

So good not to piss on them for this. But fine to piss on them for other social resions.

Looking at their tech, think they might be doing a good job, it is looking very much like the ten-year-old #OMN project being implemented #nothingnew

Projects are all based on ideology- #BlueSkySocial is capitalism, monetization is a core priority, just like twitter they are leaving it out at the start as the usual #dotcons bait and switch.

The tech might be different, but the world view is #nothingnew in a bad way.

The #Fediverse is built on a different world-view which is why it is important, the tech in both cases is secondary.

"All code is ideology solidified into action – most contemporary code is capitalism"

that's true, mastodon is feudalism and has its own robes and crown. The #Fediverse needs to pull it into the more democratic fold, this is done by doing better on our part, the king of mastodon is very unlike to move without a bit of carrot and stick on the rest of the codebase. This is exactly the problem we are solving with #OMN projects, have been dealing with this mess for a long time 😀


#nothingnew the history of how #activertypub came about is very good reading on this subject, if you dig down you might find a history on "my" blog

A better understanding of reality is exactly what we already have, if you lift the lid on the mess and look.

For all the mess, the walled gardens are being torn down, and we are posting in commons, lift the lid and look 😀

OK we can do much better, that's what we are doing at #OMN you should help #nothingnew

Well I would say we need a unified communication network base on #4opens, and surprisingly we already have this, the #fediverse so #nothingnew comes to mind agen, I only half joke.

Yes, the #dotcons mad a mess over the last 20 years, and nobody who was in their right minds would not push the word together and add the hash ;)

Its basic.

"our" #4opens #OMN project does the first 3 things in a non #mainstreaming #openweb native way and the last one can be done fine by current technology, the are meany #4opens chat, mail apps so little new there to think on.

So maybe you should cut short your "individualistic" wanderings and participate in projects that are already far along the path you want to start on #nothingnew is only half a joke ;)

United we stand, divided we fall is very basic 😀

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