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A whole load of non "owned" social tech projects on grassroots social subject/path #OMN #OGB #indymediaback #makeinghistory of course things like this only work with shared values #4opens #PGA

And the current core standard #activertypub is also needed to escape the #siloing that comes so "naturally".

The #FEP is a good grassroots initiative, that is "névé" and troubling as it lacks "meaning" and is running as a "hobby" project with little if any social buy in.

NOTE: no amount of technical thinking/tinkering will add "meaning" as this is a social, not a technical problem.

This also partly explanes why we have the splintering of effect here in #activertypub and in the wider "protocol wars"

How do you grow social buy in to a #openweb project? Yep, people are lifting the lid and finding smoke and mirrors - I hope we are not wasting our focus and time on Fear, uncertainty, and doubt - Wikipedia with this.

On a positive note, the “protocol wars” - has pushed creativity in the #activertypub world and siphoned off some of the worst #fahernistas to the other networks. Let’s keep planting #openweb spaces to become more of what we need, #4opens in the era of #climatechaos

The "protocol wars" on the #openweb such as #bluesky, #Nostr, and #activertypub. That building bridges between these protocols can be a good solution, as it is a permissionless way to connect different protocols without needing to get the codebase to change their project. The protocols are all #4opens and #openweb native, which is a positive development. However, the cultures of these protocols are different and can create messiness in the discussions.

The "protocol wars" of new #openweb protocols, including #bluesky, #Nostr, and #activertypub, am suggesting that bridges between them are a good solution to the current issues. All of these protocols are #4opens and #openweb native, which is a positive development. However, the cultures of these protocols are different and this can create messiness in the discussions.

I advocate for a grassroots #DIY culture and urge people to focus on building bridges rather than adding to the mess.

#bluesky #Nostr #activertypub

They all share #4opens #openweb tech, so this is a win.

Where they differ is in the "culture" they come from and push.

#bluesky comes from surveillance capitalism, it's from the #dotcons and has meany of the same assumptions, just "better".

#Nostr comes from the #encryptionists and #bitcoin bro crew and suffers from being from this mess.

#activertypub is #openweb native and comes from the #4opens traditions the whole software world is actually built on.


#Nostr has bridged, well actually this history is a little mad, it was #truthsocial crew who wrote the code to bridge #Nostr to #Activertypub, you could not make this stuff up.

Bridges are need, we should piss on any new protocols that don't have at least one bridge to an existing #openweb protocol, and pissing is not just a metaphor, it helps to short out their servers.

#nothingnew is only half a metaphor 😀

How grassroots alts are ripped apart and die the is a long history to this problem we are seeing now with the #activertypub movement that built the #Fediverse good not to be blind to this mess making

#indymediaback #IMC #geekproblem #fahernistas

#SocialHub is a community-driven space that seeks to promote #activertypub, working with new models of governance and organization that empower communities. It is part of the larger #fediverse, which is a network of decentralized social media platforms that do not conform to traditional hierarchies and power structures.

#nothingnew the history of how #activertypub came about is very good reading on this subject, if you dig down you might find a history on "my" blog

A better understanding of reality is exactly what we already have, if you lift the lid on the mess and look.

For all the mess, the walled gardens are being torn down, and we are posting in commons, lift the lid and look 😀

OK we can do much better, that's what we are doing at #OMN you should help #nothingnew

The current state of much of our tech, we need to do better with the #activertypub #Fedivetse #openweb reboot, please pick up the shovals the is much composting to do.

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