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These guys are insane, this might be the first time you have noticed this, but it's always been true. Insanity is a part of the belief system of some socialists, the is a bad history to this

#openweb #BlockchainSocialist #dontbeaprat they are saying they need to use the #4opens to build their insane system, why not just build with the #4opens and skip the nuttiness #KISS


On the subject of the mailing list, It's hard to understand where/what/why. People forget to communicate the social understanding, this shrinks down the group, I don't know what it means, why it matters and what agender are being pushed there. It's my subject, so I should be interested, this is obtusely a problem for #4opens communication. i.e. a mess 😀

I joined a #FOSS tech project to do "governance"

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it's a slave relationship 😀 well OK maybe a serf, most tech has this feudalism hardcoded its a path we need to do #4opens on hardcore 😀 is how most #dotcons and #FOSS tech works... it's a mess, we do need to do better #OGB these people are more "problem" than they are "solution", why do you think this might be so?

#4opens #openweb #dweb

The undeclared war on #4opens is becoming "common sense" on the #fediverse with the shift to #mainstreaming this is back to the mess we were stepping away from with our #openweb reboot.

we do need a space for "commons" content upload, this was a good project hope It's still working #4opens

Diversity is good as is transparency #4opens yep, popcorn time in a good way, let's see 😀


For the last 15 years most activists have been organising direct action in the #dotcons so a step to the #openweb is a good step.

I was involved in the setting up of the instance we are talking about, when pushing this I pushed it was #4opens after it was out of the hands of #submedia the talk of "hardening" began, and is still ongoing bad pushing of a foles agenda. It's #openweb not #closedweb

They are different paths with only slight overlap. @edsu @rm4

Yes at the moment as it's a #OMN based on the #4opens you have very low barrier to running or even developing an instance this is where the value is.

Adding security generally makes a HUGE barriers to Dev and #DIY running an instance.

The #geekproblem has no idea of the damage they do when pushing there "common sense". This creates a signal to noise issue that has been blocking alt for 20 years.

Just stop comes to mind

@bob @Hamishcampbell
It's hard to stress how "niave" meany devs on the #fedivers are after 15 years is exactly what I have been saying for 20 years.

#openweb #4opens is about building human trust, hard security is a very slightly overlapping but easy to see different path for building non "trust" based connections.

Some surprisingly hard to build bridges might help with this ongoing mess.

This mess you talk about is not solved by more tech we already have most of what we need.

* Open media is #4opens based on trust, the current ActivertyPub is a relatively #KISS good example of this.

* Privacy is encrypted p2p chat, which the are meany good #UX mature #FOSS projects you can find

The change we need is social, getting people to use the different approaches for different needs, this is surprisingly difficult.

Bridges while dangerous are needed.

This text reads like a vanguardist path, based on #mainstreaming reading and narrow #geekproblem thinking. It's missing the paths that hold value in #4opens horizontal activist paths we are taking but. But yes, getting lost on in our the growing #fedivers and the wide spread of #openweb diversity projects.

What it does highlight is the need for social and political thinking is needed, the is value there.

Can you see any of this feedback?

you are not seeing the point. It's designed #4opens this is why it works.

What you wont to do is a different project (#4closes) which is fine. Have you thought about doing a bridged companion project.

Both paths have value, but they are different.

I wonder about the balance of #NGO parasites to #openweb "natives" in events like this.

Do we have a way to "judge" this #4opens please?

A whole load of non "owned" social tech projects on grassroots social subject/path #OMN #OGB #indymediaback #makeinghistory of course things like this only work with shared values #4opens #PGA

And the current core standard #activertypub is also needed to escape the #siloing that comes so "naturally".

@NGIZero @sovtechfund

Our current crap #tech funding and #dev agendas are a part of this extinction level event

The last 20 years of #techshit has obviously been both pushing this problem and doing almost nothing to stop it. On the #openweb tech side, we are still being prats on his.

Please think about this #geekproblem, thanks.

#OMN #OGB #4opens #indymediaback

In the era of #climatechaos and #XR people who are #blocking the needed social change in tech are criminals, that are playing an active role in the genocide of our societies and peoples due to social and ecological breakdown.

We have different paths in place #4opens #openweb #OGB #indymediaback #OMN are working examples of social tech tools to mediate away from this #mainstreming criminality.

Take a moment to step away, take a breath, think then act. Don't be a prat, thanks

@bhaugen @Hamishcampbell
I worked with the guy who used to be behind the #NGIzero account, we did good stuff with the #EU outreach.

The replacement, I have no idea who they are and getting #blocking

This is a #4opens fail.

For this funding to be a #openweb project, it needs #openprocess which transparency is a core #4opens I don't think either of the current funding projects do this - likely for privacy and security and "safety" issues -this makes them non "native" to the #openweb they are saying they are a part of. A tension we need to talk abut.


Can we get a link to the people making the agenda, thanks, will try polite conversation #4opens

People are suiciding the idea of the #openweb agen, they just can't help themselves. 40 years of worshipping of the #deathcult affects people's attempt to be humane "common sense" wins in the current mess each time.

This is BAD, very bad, come on guys #4opens

@freakazoid @moparisthebest @msavoritias

something you are not addressing, why do we need encryption at all in the #Fediverse it's all currently #4opens and is very successful because of this - why do we need encrypted DM's that a current chat app cannot do?

#matrix has one foot in the #dotcons world and is full on in the #NGO world.

Yes it's #openweb in a technical more than a cultural way, but we have no way to judge #openweb culture, so this is a hard one to talk about or address.

#4opens is a step Yep, people are lifting the lid and finding smoke and mirrors - I hope we are not wasting our focus and time on Fear, uncertainty, and doubt - Wikipedia with this.

On a positive note, the “protocol wars” - has pushed creativity in the #activertypub world and siphoned off some of the worst #fahernistas to the other networks. Let’s keep planting #openweb spaces to become more of what we need, #4opens in the era of #climatechaos

The "protocol wars" on the #openweb such as #bluesky, #Nostr, and #activertypub. That building bridges between these protocols can be a good solution, as it is a permissionless way to connect different protocols without needing to get the codebase to change their project. The protocols are all #4opens and #openweb native, which is a positive development. However, the cultures of these protocols are different and can create messiness in the discussions.

the key part is #4opens we don't have to ask its #FOSS and yes not saying you are not right, the current non federated #bluesky would be pointless.

#Nostr all ready has a working 2 way bridge to #activertpub, I am transparently reading and replying to #Nostr users.

The "protocol wars" of new #openweb protocols, including #bluesky, #Nostr, and #activertypub, am suggesting that bridges between them are a good solution to the current issues. All of these protocols are #4opens and #openweb native, which is a positive development. However, the cultures of these protocols are different and this can create messiness in the discussions.

I advocate for a grassroots #DIY culture and urge people to focus on building bridges rather than adding to the mess.

it's not, but people keep pushing it in... #diaspora is from the #encryptionists agenda where the #Fediverse is #4opens

Mess and composting comes to mind.

#bluesky #Nostr #activertypub

They all share #4opens #openweb tech, so this is a win.

Where they differ is in the "culture" they come from and push.

#bluesky comes from surveillance capitalism, it's from the #dotcons and has meany of the same assumptions, just "better".

#Nostr comes from the #encryptionists and #bitcoin bro crew and suffers from being from this mess.

#activertypub is #openweb native and comes from the #4opens traditions the whole software world is actually built on.


Broken, this reflects in broken people and broken cultures. In the end - #4opens means we just have to do better, as we can't enforce any NO's all we can do is pee on "broken" in the hope this speeds up the composting of the mess they make. And if all around us stinks of pee nobody's wants to be a part of the #openweb, so the solution is for us to do better, the is a chicken and egg problem here #OMN The delusional #encryptionists are still pushing the mess. It's not that they are wrong, it's that they are monsters. We need a value judgment, what is a monsters mess and what is a humane path for us to take #4opens

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