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@NGIZero @sovtechfund

Our current crap #tech funding and #dev agendas are a part of this extinction level event

The last 20 years of #techshit has obviously been both pushing this problem and doing almost nothing to stop it. On the #openweb tech side, we are still being prats on his.

Please think about this #geekproblem, thanks.

#OMN #OGB #4opens #indymediaback

but do we need this... for the building of it, ecological footprint, is this useful or pushing #techshit

Social change vs technological change is something we need to focus on for better paths.

Honest question?

A lovely #openweb comment, yes more #techshit to compost, do you have a shovel #OMN

On the subject of governance this has been worked on for the last few years #OGB and is at the stage where most feature requests are answered "let the people deicide" so ready to encode and rollout.

It's build from hundreds of years of on the ground "undocumented" grassroots organizing which we know works, rather than the normal #geeproblem and #fahernista approaches that tend to pile up more #techshit to compost.

#OGB can I point you to a project that has been widely developing over the last few years on #socialhub to move "governance" from the coders to the producers, the instances and the people.

Yes it's messy and truly "native" for this, it's based on what works, a long history of what works.

We can't keep making more #techshit as you say, it's not the helpful path 😀

we address all these issues at core #OMN project. Have been working to fix the current #techshit mess for the last 10 years. The #geekproblem which is a generally a metaphor for the more #mainstreaming #stupidindividualism after 40 years of worshipping the #deathcult is a hard crap behaver to step away from, ideas are not enough, action is needed, the is the history of grassroots direct action, you can drink from this history here good to take a sip.

this is a troubling view of theory and practice. All good horizontalists understand that they come from practice. At the basis of this is #DIY that is working through practice to build theory.

To start from theory go ground and round and round then try and put this into practice, ends in a dizzy mess. When this mess is imposed as a solution we obviously get more #techshit to compost or academic wank to clean up.

yep, its currently a mess, though after ten years of wasted #techshit it's a nice mess to have.

Let's take this mess and shift it into a #KISS semantic web of data flows and stores. The keywords for the #OMN are simple and stupid, it's the only root that actually works #grassroots #DIY path.

We need shovels (#4opens) and compost (current #techshit) and seeds (of hope) to plant, let's grow the "commons"

The are projects for this

put two funding applications in, though they will likely be alien too you and the funders as they come from the grassroots where the value is created on the #openweb and not from the mostly pointless #NGO's that normal get funding. Hope you and the #mainstreaming crew make the effect to understand this, as we can't keep doing the same #techshit we have done for the last 20 years ;)

#OMN #indymediaback #OGB

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