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Have been using the #deathcult hashtag as a synonym of #neoliberalism, which is old fundamentalist capitalism that has come in waves, look at "classical liberalism" of the Victorian era that lead to the Irish and Bengal famines. And the last 40 years of mess in the west.

This is a mess we need to compost agen.

maybe use the hashtag #deathcult as truth telling about our "ruling class". the mess we have made on the water from 40 years of worshipping neoliberalism. The experiment has failed, and this ideology is dead. When do we lift our heads #climatchaos #deathcult

In the UK you can see socialism slowly creeping back after 40 years of worshiping the #deathcult of neoliberlism. The is now no choices but to move away, nice to see tiny steps at last.

The mess we have made worshiping the last 40 years of #deathcult
Risk of mass deaths as heatwaves start to pass survivability threshold | New Scientist

best to use the hashtag #deathcult, so people can share and find.

When I call #mainstreaming people insane, i actually mean this. Common sense is now the illness of 40 years of worshipping the #deathcult, so they is little "sense" left.

This is a problem we need to work past urgently #climatechaos #geekproblem

#climatechaos this is the mess we have created the new normal is going to grow.

Please, let's stop worshipping our #deathcult

People are suiciding the idea of the #openweb agen, they just can't help themselves. 40 years of worshipping of the #deathcult affects people's attempt to be humane "common sense" wins in the current mess each time.

This is BAD, very bad, come on guys #4opens

head bowed down worshipping the #deathcult is kinda dumb and makes people dumb... how to step away from this mess?

I was more thinking of the actual grassroots history of activism, over the last 40 years the are meany on the ground examples of this to ask questions, to find ideas outside #deathcult worshipping.

The social change/challenge project of a organic intellectual. The #OMN hashtag story is designed to make people who (often unconsciously) worship the #deathcult (an obvious metaphor for neo-liberalism) and have internalised the last 40 years of (the dead philosophy) postmodern uncomfortable.

The #OMN are looking for the tiny minority who can still think outside this mess, is this you?

its should be obvuse to us all that neo-liberalism is a #deathcult with the mess it's making #XR

In the end it's about POWER, the legal game is a fiction, it's the power that matters, code is power, pick it up and use it for light or keep your head bowed down in the shadows worshipping the #deathcult is the current choice.

Or live in the mess and pretend you are not on your knees, is a good option ;)


Works for most people ;)

Says the man sailing away in a lifeboat

It's hard to for people to understand the value in "commons" as most of the important thinking on this subject is pre-modern. Though the whole #WWW for 20 years was built as commons, the #dotcons were built on/by enclosing these commons we built, we actually did not think about this much. What we did think on this subject, was barely covered #deathcult worship... thus the mess we are in now.

Please take this moment to step back to the #openweb

we address all these issues at core #OMN project. Have been working to fix the current #techshit mess for the last 10 years. The #geekproblem which is a generally a metaphor for the more #mainstreaming #stupidindividualism after 40 years of worshipping the #deathcult is a hard crap behaver to step away from, ideas are not enough, action is needed, the is the history of grassroots direct action, you can drink from this history here good to take a sip.

That's a silly statement, it comes from the view of a person on their knees worshipping the #deathcult

Can you understand why this is obviously true... PS. you might have to get off your knees to see this obvious truth.

How we got into these 40 years of mess

#deathcult #visionontv

The hashtag #deathcult is a highly charged but uncontroversial characterization of #neoliberalism.

The #hashtag was coined by #hamishcampbell on his blog ( from long expirence of protest, this came to a head at the launch of Extinction Rebellion (XR) a global environmental activist movement that seeks to raise awareness about the urgent threat of climate change and biodiversity loss. this film is a look at the #mainstreaming of the #deathcult for the last 40 years. Talking about greenwashing of #mainstreaming environmental movements. it's a bad mess.

Our politics are all very bad, but we are political animals, so we need something "like" politics. The scum rises to the tops is a good thing to bear in mind on this subject, so horizontal is better than vertical.

#deathcult is a metaphor for the last 40 years of neoliberalism

And it's about the theory that shapes the people, good to keep this in mind.

Yes, it's a mess, good to have ways to describe this.

The #deathcult is a metaphor for neoliberalism that underlies the thinking of the #mainstreaming politics of the Republicans.

A liberal #mainstreaming view of the mess and how we got into our current #deathcult without much politics or thinking.

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