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Killing millions and displacing billions of people is evil #XR

This is #KISS best not to add noise to the signal #climatechaos

The Khronos Group seeking paid devs to work on OpenXR runtime Monado #XR #VR #AR #FOSS #OpenSource

In the era of #climatechaos and #XR people who are #blocking the needed social change in tech are criminals, that are playing an active role in the genocide of our societies and peoples due to social and ecological breakdown.

We have different paths in place #4opens #openweb #OGB #indymediaback #OMN are working examples of social tech tools to mediate away from this #mainstreming criminality.

Take a moment to step away, take a breath, think then act. Don't be a prat, thanks

I went to a geek meetup yesterday, and I came away with a feeling that our insanity is too deep to move away from.

This is a problem for people who would like to see some active change and challenge. People really are insane in the era of #XR and #climatechaos

Ideas from the mental help profershern please for dealing with #mainstreaming "common sense" insanity.


What #XR are doing now Yep this is GOOD, and it's the usual self-defeating shit, did you see my video report on this

Extinction Rebellion, the-big-one: this was it

A look at the mess we make with our #mainstreaming.


Fluffy office occupations are a good tool for creating more real dialogue with #mainstreaming organizations that are BLOCKING the change and challenge that is needed this is an example from #XR

The is going to be a general backlash in progressive tech and social projects, it would help to compost this mess, for people to not join in this mess making examples from #mastodon and #XR different but both progressive social projects.

On you have new #boatingeurope videos and background videos on why this week's #XR demos are important, and yes they are well #fluffy with maybe a bit of a pinch of #spicy over the next few days.

This demo has piles of #NGO crap but it's the only group doing anything so be there and make it meaningful #XR
#NGO #xr

its should be obvuse to us all that neo-liberalism is a #deathcult with the mess it's making #XR

Collabora announce 'Mercury' hand-tracking for open source XR runtime Monado #VR #XR #Linux #FOSS #OpenSource

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