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These guys are insane, this might be the first time you have noticed this, but it's always been true. Insanity is a part of the belief system of some socialists, the is a bad history to this

#openweb #BlockchainSocialist #dontbeaprat they are saying they need to use the #4opens to build their insane system, why not just build with the #4opens and skip the nuttiness #KISS

The purpose and vision for our #OGB project is to address challenges and conflicts that currently exist within grassroots organizations and assist in the management of those that arise. By creating a tool set for 'Do It Yourself' (DIY) governance. We aim to develop a 'Keep It Simple, Stupid' (#KISS) standard framework and process. This will become #OGB which can be used in future solutions, organically evolving through time.

#OGB #kiss

have you thought that having all the #openwebs security going through one org might be a fail.

#4open #KISS big/small picture thinking issue.

Killing millions and displacing billions of people is evil #XR

This is #KISS best not to add noise to the signal #climatechaos

This mess you talk about is not solved by more tech we already have most of what we need.

* Open media is #4opens based on trust, the current ActivertyPub is a relatively #KISS good example of this.

* Privacy is encrypted p2p chat, which the are meany good #UX mature #FOSS projects you can find

The change we need is social, getting people to use the different approaches for different needs, this is surprisingly difficult.

Bridges while dangerous are needed.

For this funding to be a #openweb project, it needs #openprocess which transparency is a core #4opens I don't think either of the current funding projects do this - likely for privacy and security and "safety" issues -this makes them non "native" to the #openweb they are saying they are a part of. A tension we need to talk abut.


By reacting to #mainstreaming you are pushing #mainstreaming to try and step away from this kinda #fashernista behaviour you should take an alt path and stick to it, this is better if this path is progressive and socially changing #KISS

#bluesky #Nostr #activertypub

They all share #4opens #openweb tech, so this is a win.

Where they differ is in the "culture" they come from and push.

#bluesky comes from surveillance capitalism, it's from the #dotcons and has meany of the same assumptions, just "better".

#Nostr comes from the #encryptionists and #bitcoin bro crew and suffers from being from this mess.

#activertypub is #openweb native and comes from the #4opens traditions the whole software world is actually built on.


yep, its currently a mess, though after ten years of wasted #techshit it's a nice mess to have.

Let's take this mess and shift it into a #KISS semantic web of data flows and stores. The keywords for the #OMN are simple and stupid, it's the only root that actually works #grassroots #DIY path.

We need shovels (#4opens) and compost (current #techshit) and seeds (of hope) to plant, let's grow the "commons"

The are projects for this

interesting that you use the wiki metaphor.

We use #datasoup or #witchescauldron

Then ladle or #goldenladle as the app metaphor.

In the #OMN the multi hashtags build up the Links.

It's a #KISS semantic web and grassroots process. A #4opens tool for society made up of individuals inside and outside communertys.

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