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#mainstreaming and #geekproblem are not positive terms in my personal estimation.
But I guess it depends on personal stance ;)

The #geekproblem to me (also a programmer) is where tech-obsessives build almost for the sake of building, do not consider the repercussions of their work and end up making shit worse.
E.g. the 'like' button

#mainstreaming is more obvious. While it is sometimes nice to feel part of something big, it's where diversity goes to die.


I guess another shining example of the #geekproblem would be though that also reflects a societal problem of scale.

The more people who have to agree on something the more impossible it becomes.

And people say they want a single global society.
How insane that is.

A true global society may only exist paradoxically (better word?).

It may only exist by virtue of smaller, actually functioning, _autonomous_, sovereign bioregions working together.


In #ActivityPub "governance" at the moment people are mostly #dogmatic #NGO crew, some are #mainstreaming careerism, others are doing #geekproblem #grassroots careerism.

Neither of these are real friends of any alternatives, they are friendly enemies ;)

Rule making is always the death path of any working Alt/grassroots structure this comes soon after the dictatorship of the invisible hierarchy, its mess making.

This is a scripted fail that is recurring for 20 years of the #geekproblem in tech and #FOSS "governance" we do need to do better #OGB

It's interesting to see the balance of fail and success in this #openweb project/community in the small picture we seced in the big picture we fail, a recurring #geekproblem. How to care about this is something we don't think about much. Maybe this should be a part of our SocialHub Community Values, how can we embedded something like this, is it even possible.

When I call #mainstreaming people insane, i actually mean this. Common sense is now the illness of 40 years of worshipping the #deathcult, so they is little "sense" left.

This is a problem we need to work past urgently #climatechaos #geekproblem

@jkerrison yep, our #geekproblem has proven to be a "problem" for the last 20 years in tech. Now how do we take the problem out of "geekproblem" as the is much to like about geeks themselves. @edsu @rm4

Yes at the moment as it's a #OMN based on the #4opens you have very low barrier to running or even developing an instance this is where the value is.

Adding security generally makes a HUGE barriers to Dev and #DIY running an instance.

The #geekproblem has no idea of the damage they do when pushing there "common sense". This creates a signal to noise issue that has been blocking alt for 20 years.

Just stop comes to mind

This text reads like a vanguardist path, based on #mainstreaming reading and narrow #geekproblem thinking. It's missing the paths that hold value in #4opens horizontal activist paths we are taking but. But yes, getting lost on in our the growing #fedivers and the wide spread of #openweb diversity projects.

What it does highlight is the need for social and political thinking is needed, the is value there.

Can you see any of this feedback? We need to tell our own social history, just focusing on tech is a #geekproblem

@NGIZero @sovtechfund

Our current crap #tech funding and #dev agendas are a part of this extinction level event

The last 20 years of #techshit has obviously been both pushing this problem and doing almost nothing to stop it. On the #openweb tech side, we are still being prats on his.

Please think about this #geekproblem, thanks.

#OMN #OGB #4opens #indymediaback

We are pouring public funding down the drain agen, this criteria is feeding the #geekproblem not actually trying to take the "problem" out of our geek paths. The people who PUSH this agenda are the problem - please POINT at them and talk about this mess, thanks.

you are describing the #geekproblem with the blindness to good #UX how can we communicate the "problem" to our #geeks as have been trying to do this for 20 years and they still don't want to hear it

this is a general fail for the idea of the #closedweb that both #dotcons and our "progressive" #geekproblem activists have pushed over us for the last ten years.

We are starting to see poison in our social groups... this is an unhealthy social problem.

For ones, it's not a #geekproblem It's something else.

An example of the #geekproblem mess

@robin loved the video, it touches on one aspect of the #geekproblem in our terms #OMN you can translate "mess" for "complexity" in this context, but I much proffer mess ;)

You arrive at the beginning of the #OMN from 20 years ago, these are all slow burning projects. video should have a copy here on the #openweb when through encoding under the CC licence.

Agen loved the video, thanks.

What Is The Web? - Robin Berjon

What is the Web? Interestingly, that question has never been answered before. This talk proposes that the Web is about user agency, and Web technology is the set of technology that increases user agency. I'll explain the reasons for taking this vi...

How grassroots alts are ripped apart and die the is a long history to this problem we are seeing now with the #activertypub movement that built the #Fediverse good not to be blind to this mess making

#indymediaback #IMC #geekproblem #fahernistas

How the grassroot Alt is ripped up. The story of UK #IMC and its splintering and death.

#indymediaback #geekproblem #fahernistas

You might cry watching this the mess we make #geekproblem

One initiative that is working to address this issue is #NGIZero, which is a program funded by the European Commission to support the development of #openweb technologies. Through this program, funding is provided to support projects that are focused on creating safe #NGO and #geekproblem projects.

In the #geekproblem view, the metaphor from crossing a protocol flow is a gateway, where in the #OMN it's a bridge.

Do you understand that is about CONTROL or TRUST as a path we need to take?

A gate is locked, a bridge is a free flow, in everyday life we don't have gates on bridges, this simple truth is non-obverse to the #geekproblem and their coding metaphors

#RSS is a bridge, closed source API is generally a gate.

Thinking about the current fad for static sites,

A static site is a handwritten book, it's a feudalistic form of technology.

A dynamic site is a printed book, a modernist form of technology.

The #geekproblem is based on feudalistic governance, kings, princes, nobals and pesents. This is why they like static sites, it's native.

I like hand made am not agenst static sites, rather am thinking of why.

Thinking though the current fad for static sites, note am not agenst it, rather am thinking of why.

A static site is a handwritten book, it's a feudalistic form of technology.

A dynamic site is a printed book, a modernist form of technology.

The #geekproblem is based on feudalistic governance, kings, princes, nobals and pesents. This is why they like static sites, it's native. just to point to as I like static sites, am thinking why they are popular now.

The big block on taking the "problem" away from the "geek" in the hashtag #geekproblem is somehow getting past their desire for #control and the issue of #feudalism in our communerties. Kings, Princess, Nobals, are in no way a good path of "governance" in our democratic times.

we address all these issues at core #OMN project. Have been working to fix the current #techshit mess for the last 10 years. The #geekproblem which is a generally a metaphor for the more #mainstreaming #stupidindividualism after 40 years of worshipping the #deathcult is a hard crap behaver to step away from, ideas are not enough, action is needed, the is the history of grassroots direct action, you can drink from this history here good to take a sip.

trying to fix the #geekproblem with more "problem" is very geeky but does nothing to addresses the "problem" 😀

All our projects are about addressing the issues, using "trust" you are thinking about, as "security" have a think about this #OMN

OK in context weeding out people is nothing to do with genocide, this is obvuse just read in context, good faith is a start to overcome this. In the context, MOST people are a "waste of space" try thinking about the native tribes being exterminated by the incoming western culture - who here is wasters of the space?

The #SSL is about"unthinking" created by centralizing security - think what happens to the #openweb if Let's Encrypt goes down -an example of the recurring #geekproblem

Looking like the flow of history is going to be a step to the #openweb with the recent #dotcons take up of #activitypub this will push Twitters #bluesky to a “me to” project, unless they bridge to AP which they will very likely will refuse to do, like diaspora, the same #geekproblem motivation repeating itself.

We do live in instresting times, agen for #openweb tech and its social power.

@aral feudalism is the domain organizing the #geekproblem

A project to fix this needs outreaching because the "problem" is not going to support the needed fix...

I kinda think TRUST should be built into social media - security is only a tiny part of this and often a unthinking #geekproblem BLOCK on this building of social "trust". Good to think about this.

#openweb #4opens

#DecentSocial my prospective. this #openweb event, the feeling that 90% of the talking was about things that had been talked about way too much before and obviously did not matter for what needs to be #fediverse focus/done now. So strong noise to signal at this event.

This is kinda normal, obviously need good faith to mediate.

#academics #fahernistas #NGO #geekproblem need balance.

Who is up for helping bridge building in the next session in an hour or so 😀

The feudalism of the #geekproblem "governance" bites... we kinda need to realize that building tech on medieval ideas is a VERY stupid path to take, maybe democracy (and or a constitutional monarchy) might be a needed step.

The #OMN have a "native" grassroots project on this subject

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