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I have been pointing to videos as examples of affective messy activism. The problem is with people being deluded that they don't 'like" what they see, affective activism is messy auta #CONTROL and human. What they wont looks like controlled machine like outcomes, this never works, in any way, and is thus simply and obviously #BLOCKING adding to the mess.

Ideas please on how to communicate this?

The big block on taking the "problem" away from the "geek" in the hashtag #geekproblem is somehow getting past their desire for #control and the issue of #feudalism in our communerties. Kings, Princess, Nobals, are in no way a good path of "governance" in our democratic times.

Battle for Libraries

The nonprofit #InternetArchive is appealing a judgment that threatens the future of all #libraries.

Big #publishers are suing to cut off libraries’ ownership and #control of digital #books, opening new paths for #censorship.

Please, Internet, Do Your Thing!

#openweb the #fedivers is native to the thinking, it's working well and will likely destroy billions of dollars of #CONTROL and in balance create billions of "dollars" of happiness before it like the #OPENWEB early is consumed and goes back into the #CONTROL mess it grows from, this is a balance. Are you on the side of CONTROL or TRUST is a semi seruse question

Chumbawamba - "English Rebel Songs 1381-1984"

2003 Mutt Records, 2008 PM Press

This is the 2003 re-recorded version of the album.

To read the original CD album booklet, go to

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