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The mess we made with our #dotcons use.
Error 402: But How Do We Pay For Content? | Techdirt

My question led to a very reactionary answer on social actavisam, a complete dismissal of #mainstreaming politics and a clear democratic rejection of #dotcons billionaires.

The is no agency for the needed change challenge he argues for, a bureaucratic plan with no path to implement it. Very #Oxford

The nuttiness of our sqirals

#dotcons are core to the mess we make

For building alts we have reached beyond the end of what we can do by copying #dotcons as outreach like we are doing here we need "native" codebases as well as #FOSS copies of #dotcons to be the change and challenge we need.

The are projects that need your help and support here

#OMN #OGB #makeinghistory #indymediaback

I joined a #FOSS tech project to do "governance"

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it's a slave relationship 😀 well OK maybe a serf, most tech has this feudalism hardcoded its a path we need to do #4opens on hardcore 😀 is how most #dotcons and #FOSS tech works... it's a mess, we do need to do better #OGB

A book about #dotcons and some #fluffy things you can do about them the is going to be a lot of prat’ish behaver from both inside our #openweb movement and outside from the #dotcons we need a way to mediate this

ye[p they were #dotcons all along, and we abandoned the #openweb for them.

Let's see if the #reboot of this original #4pens project can grow.


For the last 15 years most activists have been organising direct action in the #dotcons so a step to the #openweb is a good step.

I was involved in the setting up of the instance we are talking about, when pushing this I pushed it was #4opens after it was out of the hands of #submedia the talk of "hardening" began, and is still ongoing bad pushing of a foles agenda. It's #openweb not #closedweb

They are different paths with only slight overlap.

the ida that they were always #dotcons has been around for 20 years... So this hashtag is a little late ;)

yep the key point is we have to have a strong "culture" so we can try and hold our #fashionista crew from going down the #dotcons path because it's "better", this is harder than our "logic" thinks it is. Take note.

We self-host nearly 3000 videos on our server, and you can watch over, 8000 more federated videos on activism and technology. Self-hosting costs real money which we don't have, if you would like to support this #DIY #openweb then set up a recurring donation here to keep his space #OMN available for people to step away from the #dotcons mess we are all in.

this is a general fail for the idea of the #closedweb that both #dotcons and our "progressive" #geekproblem activists have pushed over us for the last ten years.

With the 20-year-old #visionontv project, we are on the #openweb at and in the #dotcons at please support radical grassroots media.

#matrix has one foot in the #dotcons world and is full on in the #NGO world.

Yes it's #openweb in a technical more than a cultural way, but we have no way to judge #openweb culture, so this is a hard one to talk about or address.

#4opens is a step this is a story about the power we have with the #openweb to push back the mess the #dotcons make.

"Google is still the web’s biggest and most influential company. But across the publishing industry, it’s no longer seen as a partner. AMP ultimately neither saved nor killed the open web. But it did kill Google’s good name — one not-that-fast webpage at a time."

#bluesky #Nostr #activertypub

They all share #4opens #openweb tech, so this is a win.

Where they differ is in the "culture" they come from and push.

#bluesky comes from surveillance capitalism, it's from the #dotcons and has meany of the same assumptions, just "better".

#Nostr comes from the #encryptionists and #bitcoin bro crew and suffers from being from this mess.

#activertypub is #openweb native and comes from the #4opens traditions the whole software world is actually built on.


We typically found little to be confusing about your hashtags, once you explained them. For example, we didn't understand what you meant by #stupidIndividualism until you linked it to #postModern notions of individualism.

We absolutely love your #dotCons tag to describe the likes of the #CAGEMAFIA (eg. Cloudflare-Amazon-Google-TwitterBuyer-Microsoft-Apple-Fakebook-IBM-Akamai cabal).

We will continue to use that hashtag until the threat of #technoFeudalism is over.

#bluesky If you take the business wank out, this is exactly how the ten-year-old #OMN project works #NGO masked #dotcons

tribalism and truth telling, mixed with a big dollop of nut source... better than the #dotcons though ahay 😀

Just replace the term labels with hashtags and you have the flows in the #OMN
think we are going to see more #mainstreaming of the #OMN projects, just they will be for the agenda of the #NGO masked up #dotcons rather than the #openweb

Projects are all based on ideology- #BlueSkySocial is capitalism, monetization is a core priority, just like twitter they are leaving it out at the start as the usual #dotcons bait and switch.

The tech might be different, but the world view is #nothingnew in a bad way.

The #Fediverse is built on a different world-view which is why it is important, the tech in both cases is secondary.

"All code is ideology solidified into action – most contemporary code is capitalism"

Interestingly, the #openweb is giving a very different view on video "news" than you get on the #dotcons

It's hard to for people to understand the value in "commons" as most of the important thinking on this subject is pre-modern. Though the whole #WWW for 20 years was built as commons, the #dotcons were built on/by enclosing these commons we built, we actually did not think about this much. What we did think on this subject, was barely covered #deathcult worship... thus the mess we are in now.

Please take this moment to step back to the #openweb

#openweb and encrypted chat should coexist without reproducing the mistakes of centralized #dotcons. Bounded projects like #4opens and #PGA help us resist #mainstreaming liberalism and create a shared space of practice and direction for politics and technology. Theory comes from practice, emphasizing grassroots #DIY practices, and using theory from them. Focus on the #4opens is important to avoid pushing mess

Well I would say we need a unified communication network base on #4opens, and surprisingly we already have this, the #fediverse so #nothingnew comes to mind agen, I only half joke.

Yes, the #dotcons mad a mess over the last 20 years, and nobody who was in their right minds would not push the word together and add the hash ;)

Its basic. Like all the #mainstreaming techfads our #fashernustas spend endless focus pushing this same #dotcons crap at us. This is shit behaviour from our crew. Focuses please.

Looking like the flow of history is going to be a step to the #openweb with the recent #dotcons take up of #activitypub this will push Twitters #bluesky to a “me to” project, unless they bridge to AP which they will very likely will refuse to do, like diaspora, the same #geekproblem motivation repeating itself.

We do live in instresting times, agen for #openweb tech and its social power.

With the #mainstreaming influx, the is increasing #openweb events run on #dotcons platforms, for example

In the #Fediverse we have a good history of using #BBB as it is native, not alien to WHY and HOW we do things. Can understand coming in from the #fahernista and #NGO agenda is a learning curve, good to try to be native to the space you would like to be a part of. Welcome.

This #openweb event is being run on a #dotcons platform

In the #Fediverse we have a good history of using #BBB as is native, not alien to WHY and HOW we do things. Can understand coming in from the #fahernista and #NGO agenda is a learning curve, good to try to be native to the space you would like to be a part of. Welcome.

The chatting class talking about the mess the #dotcons have made of the #openweb and internet

Digital addiction, the drug in our pocket is a problem we need to deal with. We need tools not drugs #OMN #OGB #Indymediaback

what you are describing here is the #OMN project, BUT you are looking at this from the individual rather than the community. Good to think about this, with the understanding how all the current #dotcons are bad for us so recreating this individual view is likely an issue/problem for balance in the approach we need 😀

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