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@bhaugen @Hamishcampbell
I worked with the guy who used to be behind the #NGIzero account, we did good stuff with the #EU outreach.

The replacement, I have no idea who they are and getting #blocking

This is a #4opens fail.

One initiative that is working to address this issue is #NGIZero, which is a program funded by the European Commission to support the development of #openweb technologies. Through this program, funding is provided to support projects that are focused on creating safe #NGO and #geekproblem projects.

Any updates on this? If they are going down the same #NGIzero path then they are the problem rather than the solution, the value is in #openweb culture more than the hard tech which at best if a manifestation of this value.

Let's hope this is not a fuckup, please? Send me info when you get it, as we need to talk about this stuff at the #fediforum event.

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