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OK in context weeding out people is nothing to do with genocide, this is obvuse just read in context, good faith is a start to overcome this. In the context, MOST people are a "waste of space" try thinking about the native tribes being exterminated by the incoming western culture - who here is wasters of the space?

The #SSL is about"unthinking" created by centralizing security - think what happens to the #openweb if Let's Encrypt goes down -an example of the recurring #geekproblem

Best not to be a prat on this subject, ;) the blog #SSL is broken to illustrate the disaster we made with centralization of tech over the last 20 years. Just click through, it is a test to weed out people who are intolerant and likely a waste of space XXXX

Do you get this step needed?

it just has a non-working #SSL which boots me #openweb blog off the #closedweb most people default to. #SSL is stupid centralization and useful tech, a perfect example of the #geekproblem

Let’s Encrypt issued over 3 billion certificates, securing 309M sites for free

#security #ssl #tls #letsencrypt

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