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We made it to the opening of "radical landscapes" with Thalia Campbell to sit next to her banner.

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Presumably that's not the "radical landscapes" that was at the Tate last year and is the one that just opened at the William Morris Gallery?

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@rooftopaxx yep it is, we took Thalia to hang with the London arty crew and the old feminists 😀
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@rooftopaxx we are going to be thinking about shutting down all #OMN instances as the is currently no money to pay the hosting, and outreaching is not working without a LOT of help.

The #DIY coding project is not actually working anyway, the has been no movement beyond chatter on the tech side of #OMN for the last few years, and the #fedivers stuff was set up to seed this dev.

Any ideas for a good path, happy to pass the instances on to a new responsible crew.


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ta, guess it'd be time to head over to kollectiva, what's the approximate timing on this?
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@rooftopaxx no timing yet, just a heads-up, will be a full month notice on the actually shut down, but will try more outreach first, and like the idea of passing the instance on to a new team?
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*puts on former 'sysadmin' hat, adjusts to a jaunty rake*
don't really see any great coherence or mutuality within 'campaign', let it go gracefully. that is all.
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@rooftopaxx the problem is the is nothing kollectiva as well, its a problem with the coding of this #openweb reboot, its fading as it goes #mainstreaming this is not a surprise thus the thinking about shutting down, only have so much focus.
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hard agree.
(very much RETIRED at this end though)
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If the community has not already forged and formed itself such that they will self-support, then it's time to let go.

While I don't see masto as particularly harmful, it and the fediverse as it currently stands is not proving to be one of the ways to solve actual problems.

Social _media_ is useless to most people, in much the same way as news _media_.

We need social _discussion_, or social _cooperation_, social _news facts_ ? and social _tools_ to #GetShitDone

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@msaunders @rooftopaxx

Agree, this is the #OGB we have 3 funding applications in for this lets pray it works its way past the funding #blocking of alt tech.

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