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#modteam this instance will be shutting down in a month due to no funding coming in from donations. The has been a year of messaging on this, it's finally time to shut the instance down

Social change is a social thing #DIY is never free, but yes it's low cost.

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It takes little money to run the #OMN as everyone is doing the work because they think it's impotent as a social tech project.

But it does cost some money

We have already shut down the search and the chat instances due to lake of funds.

Be the change, fund the alternative, please

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This is sad. The #activism instance we've shared quality, important moments on is shutting down in early Oct due to no #donations. Years of collaboration soon lost.

We've not been able to donate $250 anonymously, so we're going to try a last #workingBee now.

If you NEED 10 HOURS VISUAL DESIGN done, we're taking offers ASAP for donations AUD$250+ to our instance. No email pls, DM only!

Pls BOOST. Help keep activism + get design(s) made.


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HELP! This instance will close down in one month without funds.


We're donating 10 SOLID HOURS of VISUAL DESIGN WORK as pro-designers ready to work for a AUD$250+ donation for this great instance. No email pls, DMs only! *some work pictured

Help 'activism' open-worlds to those who need it.

BOOST to help a miracle happen. Maybe such miracles are only reserved for those with (#MITM) "connections"?

#testFediverse @witchescauldron

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Twas a week ago exactly that we discovered our instance will be shut down due to a lack of funds. The activism instance has been operating for years and helping activists.

Please help your fellow activists if you can, especially, if you live in the #UK or Europe and can donate more anonymously.

Ten dollars of $250 raised so far.


#UK @Admin
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For evidence, of how "#trickleDown" does not work, just look at this instance. It has been giving a voice to activists for years and yet is not able to sustain itself at a mere $40 per month.

Our long-running activism instance (UK-based but they move through Europe by boat) is having to shut down on 8 October due to no funds.

#goingOffline #instanceShutdown @witchescauldron #trickleDownTheory #mastoDown #goingMastoDown

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