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Had the same kind of picture during an eclipse in Mayotte 09.01.2016
#eclipse #Mayotte

We landed in Napoleon, Ohio - the home of the Campbell’s Soup factory - for today’s total #eclipse.

The view was spectacular.

How did your experiences go? /2

3:24 PM. Verona Beach, NY. Just inside the path of totality.

#eclipse #eclipse2024

going to my workplace to view the eclipse today. Of course, it was entirely sunny on the weekend, but calling for partially cloudy this afternoon, so just have our fingers crossed 🤞.
#Ontario #Hamilton #Eclipse

We traveled to Toledo, Ohio last night for today’s #eclipse. The journey from here depends on the clouds.

Wishing everyone clear skies & great viewing. Have fun & make sure to protect your eyes.

- I'm going to Dallas, TX, for the Skeptics Guide to the Universe shows and the #eclipse. Forecast doesn't look good right now, but it looks better than it did yesterday. Crossing my fingers for continued improvement and good viewing!!

- Traveling to Erie, PA for a long weekend to check out the wine country up there and to catch the #eclipse. 😀

As long as the weather cooperates, I’ll be pulling my kids out of school next Monday to drive east into the path of totality during the solar eclipse.

Do you have #eclipse plans?

I'm very close to Anularity on the Oregon coast. Clouds?


I traveled to Bend Oregon to see the 2017 eclipse. It was my first total solar eclipse and it was awesome!

I plan to observe the October 2023 eclipse from home (it will be partial from my location).

The April 2024 eclipse will be total from my location so I am hoping for clear skies on that day and plan to observe it from home.

#NASA #eclipse

Spot an eclipse in 2023 or 2024!

This map shows where the Moon’s shadow will cross the contiguous US during the "ring of fire" eclipse on Oct. 14, 2023, and total eclipse on April 8, 2024:

Did you see the #eclipse in 2017? Would you travel to see these?

As expected, there is cloud cover for tonight's eclipse. Thin cloud, but cloud none-the-less. Which means it'll be near impossible to shoot at totality.

#moon #eclipse

Tonights (partial) Lunar Eclipse, from South East Queensland, where it was already in eclipse as the moon rose just after sunset.

#moon #eclipse #astrophotography

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