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For those watching the Lunar landing attempt, here's some English channels:

India Today

Angry Astronaut

#moon #landing #isro #moonLanding #chandrayaan

My first real hike this year didn't go quite as expected (I chose a slightly shorter route and took the train home so I could relax on the couch for a few more hours), but I had fun and enjoyed the peace and quiet of nature.

#hiking #outdoors #photography #landscapephotography #naturephotography #mastoart #moon #austria #loweraustria #nature #nikonz6
EN: The picture shows a half moon, photographed through the branches of some trees.

DE: Das Bild zeigt einen Halbmond, durch das Geäst einiger Bäume hindurch fotografiert.

We (myself included) have taken this for granted for 50 years. But … Damn, we built rockets, spaceships, protective suits, & all the comm/control systems to make it work, … and then sent people to the MOON! And back!
And we did all that with the primitive computing capabilities available back then … 🤦‍♂️

#science #Tech #astronomy #moon #nasa

Thrilled to see Orion splashdown. Congrats to the whole Artemis team.

#orion #Artemis1 #NASA #moon #artemis

Here's the livestreaming in youtube: #Nasa #Artemis #Moon

The #Moon rises above #Artemis I @NASA_SLS and @NASA_Orion at Launch Pad 39b. Check out more 📷 - #NasaHQPhoto

As expected, there is cloud cover for tonight's eclipse. Thin cloud, but cloud none-the-less. Which means it'll be near impossible to shoot at totality.

#moon #eclipse
Moon in partial eclipse, exposed for the bright side part of the moon. Craters are visible.
Moon in partial eclipse, exposed for the clouds (bright part is blown out)


The motif was originally a kind of idea sketch for a stage background. The whole thing has developed in a different direction and it disappeared into the depths of my hard drive (of such images there are plenty). The format bothered me from the start, didn't come into its own on any screen, but conveyed the idea with the paper planes well. Then #Procreate came along and it has 3D objects on board, e.g. a skateboard - that's when it clicked ;)

#MastoArt #fediart #space #moon #skateboard
(English text below) Eine Illustration in einem länglichen, ovalen, hochkant Format. Im oberen Viertel erkennt man eine Sonne und eine spiralförmige Galaxie. Darunter  sieht man einen zusammengeflickten Metallmond mit freundlichem Gesicht und einer sehr langen spitzen Nase. Auf der Nase steht ein Mann in Musketier-Kleidung, ebenfalls mit sehr langer spitzen Nase. Der Mann ist Cyrano de Bergerac auf dem Rückweg von seiner Mondreise zur Erde. Er wirft einen zerknüllten Brief in den Weltraum. Dieser entfaltet sich auf dem Weg nach unten zur Erde und wird zu einem Papierflieger. Die Flugbahn wird durch eine verschnörkelte Schreibschrift nachgezogen. Dort steht (kaum zu lesen): ,Songez à librement vivre', was übersetzt bedeutet, Seid bedacht, frei zu leben. 

English text: An illustration in an elongated, oval, portrait format. In the upper quarter you can see a sun and a spiral galaxy. Below you can see a patched up metal moon with a friendly face and a very long pointed nose. On the nose stands a man in musketeer clothes, also with a very long pointed nose. The man is Cyrano de Bergerac on his way back to Earth from his trip to the moon. He throws a crumpled letter into space. This unfolds on its way down to earth and becomes a paper airplane. The flight path is traced by squiggly cursive writing. There it says (barely legible): Songez à librement vivre', which translates as, Be mindful to live freely.

1/2: Le Voyage dans la Lune

Info zum Bild/Video im Kommentarbereich // Info about the picture/Video in the comment section

Music in the video by: @MalteHollmann

#MastoArt #fediart #space #moon #scifi #fantasy #skateboard

The 🌒🌓🌔🌕🌖🌗🌘 ingredients
Open to see full pics 👀
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A digital painting of 5 moons in front of the pink and orange sky across the sky above the ground with trees underneath and a cat walking by.
A digital painting of the orange and pink skies across the blue sky above the ground with a cat and dinosaur fossil underneath
A digital painting of 5 moons arranged vertically across the red, orange, and blue sky above the pine trees

Tonights (partial) Lunar Eclipse, from South East Queensland, where it was already in eclipse as the moon rose just after sunset.

#moon #eclipse #astrophotography

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