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If you don't have to be on the northern Oregon coast right now, don't go. There is significant flooding in Seaside, Tillamook, and elsewhere. School districts are closed, rail lines are washed over with landslides. It's a dangerous situation. If you live there, please be safe. If you don't, stay away.

#Oregon #PNW

Biked the Sunrise road in Mt Rainier today during magical period when the road is closed to cars, but still open to bikes until the first snow. It's 14 miles up with a not-so-bad grade of 6% all the way. Great views of the mountain and so quiet without the traffic. Plus saw two bears on the road ! (but too far to get a picture). #SilentSunday #biketooter #PNW #MtRainierNP

My daughter takes her kitty hiking on a leash and in a backpack with her. She seems to really enjoy it! She's otherwise a house cat.

#CatsOfMastodon #cats #kittens #hiking #PNW

Happy Caturday from Thomas O’Malley ! We are cozy watching the rain and having tea on a #pnwfall day. #Caturday #PNW #Tabby #floof

Mossy rocks. Mossy everything, and a pretty little creek to boot. Baker River, WA State. #hiking #pnw #mosstodon

I've posted several times here but didn't do official #introductons post

I'm an unpublished #writer living in #Seattle #PNW who enjoys posting about #books (fiction, nonfiction, YA, adult, just about anything especially from diverse authors)

I make silly posts about live #sports of all kinds, unusual #history stories, jokes, animation, kdramas, gbbo, Top Chef, all sorts of things. I keep it relatively wholesome & try hard to avoid spoilers

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