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Build it and people will ride: “The Amtrak Borealis, a new rail line connecting Chicago and Minneapolis-St. Paul, has only been operating for about a month, but already thousands of passengers have taken the trip. That ridership has exceeded Amtrak’s expectations—and hints at the growing desire among Americans to travel by train.”

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Off on this gorgeous outback train for an excursion today. They don't make them like this anymore.

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Car culture is built on freedom to travel when, where, how, & why one wishes/needs. Travel culture is built on curiosity, the compulsion to experience something different from one’s home ground. These two things are driving a dilemma of exercising freedom v. a sustainable future. EVs reduce atmospheric impact some, but there is collateral damage to the ecosystem. Sustainability won’t happen w/o dramatic cultural change + alternate travel options. #bicycle #trains

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