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Day 856 🌧 finders keepers
Daily # photos; found a # on # and nearly crashed when I braked too hard on the wet path
in reply to Adrian Tritschler

wait! people are calling fivers prawns? (I knew about Pineapples, but didn't know our other notes had names).
in reply to David de Groot 𓆉

I never heard it myself until about a yr ago, use it amusingly sometimes, go all faux-bogan. Seems a very forced and fake term
in reply to ajft

Indeed. I get the pineapple ref, it's big (so are pineapples, and yellow), but yeah prawn is pushing it a bit.
in reply to David de Groot 𓆉

pinkish and related to the lobster ($20). A little too forced. Anyway, # is a thing

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