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Re-reading your question it looks to me that I didn't answer (get) your question @Simon John.

If you refer to user name, and hosting data I guess the answer is yes, it looks like plain text from the front end.
The password apparently at least can be protected by a general password manager.

Has there been general questioning of #FileZilla's safety?
Is there some recommendation for linux desktops?

#linux #fedihelp #safety

Walking down dark alleys at 3 in the morning doesn’t make me feel free. When I’m afraid for my life I do not feel ‘free’. It is the awful reality of being women in this unfair world that we are often stalked and hunted by violent men. I’m happy for this hiker and her sense of accomplishment but her hopeful sense of freedom is tenuous and at the mercy of the next male hiker she meets along the way.


PSA: To avoid dooring or killing cyclists when you exit a vehicle, please consider adopting "the Dutch Reach," which is using your hand farthest from the door to open it. This forces you into a position that allows a better view of bicycles approaching from behind. And, of course, first look, *then* open door. Teach your kids, too. #cycling #safety #driving #cars #psa

I like this trend of painting "unauthorized" crosswalks.

Cities almost always rush to erase them. That shows local agencies *can* move quickly to change streetscapes -- they just choose not to when residents request safety improvements. People should know that!

#cities #transportation #safety #safestreets

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