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Very pleased to be starting my #uxn journey following the wonderful guide by @compudanzas The results of today’s lesson: a purple window and a childish number printed to the console ☺️

Could the runtime be implemented in #uxn?

The #Uxn assembler, but in #Tokipona, by @soxfox42.
Return stack is "poki"(container), bits are "lili".

I made `smolbean`, my own little #uxn #varvara virtual machine :3 It was loads of fun, and I tailored it to my Zaurus Husky!

There is sound, it's recorded from the headphone jack of the palmtop!

I'll publish the source code eventually!

Uxn implementers may also be interested in the subproject `uxn-cpp`:

It's a port of the reference Uxn interpreter to C++. All of the Varvara devices (except audio, that's still WIP) have been converted to abstract base classes. This is an easy starting point to port Uxn to any platform; uxnpi is just a thin layer on top of it.

#Uxn #Cpp

#uxn #cpp

we are live! we are streaming a general revision the #uxn tutorial!
see you at


Uxn on the GPi Case 2W is finally usable! I have Fourtette ( working now, fully playable! Though only at 1:1 pixel ratio and with no audio.

This is running directly on the bare metal of the Pi Zero 2W, using Circle for graphics and USB gamepad drivers.

#Uxn #RaspberryPi

Reading .chr and .theme files made with Nasu via LOVE.

#Lua #Uxn

#uxn #lua


My company had a Pi Day Hackathon, and the project I decided on was to run Uxn on a Pi Zero 2W. Specifically, on this Game Boy-style case, with graphics and controls working:

It was harder than I expected, and it's still not done!

You'd think it'd be as easy as installing the default Uxn emulator on the Pi, since it already runs Linux. But the GPi Case has a unique driver for its screen, and only a few "retro gaming" distros support it.

#Uxn #RaspberryPi #PiDay

we are live now! for a couple of hours be streaming our #maintenancePractice, a revision of day 2 of the #uxn tutorial!

in around 3 hours from now (when the chestnut 🌰️ hour starts <>) we'll be streaming our #maintenancePractice, a revision of day 2 of the #uxn tutorial! see you there :geordi_like:

With the help of @256k, we're experimenting with an Arabic programming language which is itself compiled by an a toolchain that also does away with ascii entirely from the machine instructions up. We've chosen a variance of ASMO 449 encoded character codes, and use a few extra symbols(!, @, ?) which will be turned into decorations. Its own implementation is written in itself and does not rely on an english implementation language.
#uxn @256k

This is not a native #FlipperZero application. Well yes, obviously it's still running some sort of native app: my port of the #uxn emulator. This is a Uxn rom on a Flipper!

streaming now!
#maintenancePractice: a long overdue revision and update of the #uxn tutorial! :permacomputing:

In this first #maintenancePractice stream, we reviewed day 1 of the #uxn tutorial, updating links and terminology.

The most important change is that the tutorial is now mainly targeting the learn-uxn (online) platform maintained by @metasyn, so that learners can jump right in and experiment without having to deal (from their or our side) with setting up a dev environment (the instructions we had regarding that were somewhat outdated).

The discussion about different ways of running uxn/varvara was moved to an appendix that is a work-in-progress.

Some more progress on sprites! The 2bpp mode is working much better now, but I still have lots of weird drawing bugs. It’s getting there slowly though 😀

#AnaloguePocket #uxn #varvara #fpga

time to commit! this saturday, march 9th, starting at 12:00 UTC+1, we'll stream our #maintenancePractice: a long overdue revision and update of the #uxn tutorial! :permacomputing:

(posting it here today, and inviting you all to join, for accountability purposes and for "getting things done" 🍃 )

joining the party with #PinkSand in #uxn
i don't think i've seen anyone do it before so i tried.
it's very buggy and i haven't figured out how to slide sand particles yet.

@neauoire i think you can do much better!

cc @TodePond

A couple games are getting so close to playable!

I’m going to try running
some FPGA simulations in GHDL for some basic test ROMs, and compare output logs to the Uxn software emulator. The simulator runs many thousands of times slower than the real thing, and is a pain to set up, but I think I can no longer guess my way through it. Too often I’m trying random ideas, waiting 10 mins for a build to finish, and then seeing if it worked on the Pocket 😅

#AnaloguePocket #uxn #varvara

awesome ! 😍 i watch a lot of his videos on youtube. once i thought it would be cool to have tsoding coding in uxntal, but i thought "he will never do it". lol. btw i discovered him because somebody mentioned him on #uxn irc channel.

A little more progress on the Uxn core for Analogue Pocket! Some of the test ROMs are looking a little closer to how they are supposed to 😀 I started to fix some issues with how I was implementing the multiple sprite drawing, but I think I still have some more work to do with blending.

Sorry for the lack of updates lately - progress has been slow because I was really sick for a while. Feeling much better now!

#AnaloguePocket #uxn #varvara

updated to the latest commit of #uxn - please let me know if you see issues and i will try to fix them

Thank you! I just had a geez at your profile and, I may need to pick your brain about #uxn on #plan9.. So cool! 😲

#Konilo sounds a lot like #uxn, but with 32 bit words instead of 12 bit words.

Sadly I am doing 16 bit forth coputers on an FPGA.

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